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[Poster] Not-So-Tiny Tina

So I’m still having a lot of fun putting this silly-huge thing onto girls. I just find it absolutely hilarious, and I know there’s some people out there that like silly-huge futa, so both parties win.

Before I post the poster, I need to say something: This is a fairly heavily modified version of Tiny Tina’s mesh. I didn’t like people using her standard mesh in animations (and I’ve seen a few) because she is very explicitly underaged (when the game’s official title-card for her says she’s 13, you can’t really say ‘I didn’t know’), so I matured her a fair bit. I grew out her body and adjusted her arm:leg:trunk proportions to match those of an adult woman (as opposed to a child). She stands at about 5’10, comparable with most other Source women. I gave her arms and legs a bit more definition, while keeping the scrawny appearance. I gave her waist and hips definition, put a respectable bosom on her (comparable to Lilith’s chest in Borderlands 1), lengthened her hair, and matured her face subtly. I kept the clothes and overall appearance because 1.) I’m not that good of a modeller, and 2.) Tina strikes me as the kind of person who would wear the same outfit at 18 from she was 13.


This is the full resolution (I made it portrait :O).

I know that my header says “no futa,” but I won’t lie when I say I have been considering a few animation ideas with this concept. I find the ideas very humorous, and those who have the fetish may or may not find them sexually interesting. If I do decide to make those animations, then I need to make this a proper model (it’s just a hack made in SFM and edited in post-process right now) and fix the faceposing (it is absolutely horrible).

I hope you people who don’t like futa will forgive me if I decide to make a few animations with this silly concept, and I hope you people who do like futa will forgive me if I decide not to. Truth be told, I haven’t decided one way or the other yet.

So yeah. The adult Tina may be released publicly sometime in the foreseeable future, but she still has a few issues that need to be addressed.