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Potential Idea for A Third “LordAardvark*” Tumblr - Need Input (?)

Hey all,

So, before I launch into my idea, just let me start by saying that, as I’m sure a lot of you know, in addition to animations, I also make comics. I wish I made comics more often, but they take me a LOT of work. In animation, the work distribution is about as such:

60% goes toward building the base pose

30% goes toward building the actual animaton

10% goes toward lighting

As you can see, the bulk of the workload is in the posing. It takes me about an hour on average to make these animations, which means about 40 minutes goes into posing. That’s for a single pose, or a “frame” in a comic.

Now consider the fact that my comics can range from 10 frames to 150 frames (I used to make really long epics). I don’t think we even need to do the math, for you guys to see that takes a very, very long time to pose. And then that’s not even considering all of the editing that is required in constructing a comic.

The long and short of it is that comics take me an infeasibly long time to work on.

But the issue is, I still have ideas for them. Right now, I have about 6 different comic ideas that, if they aren’t fully fleshed out - down to the casual dialogue - then are near enough. And I don’t have the time to build any of them.

Now, this may come as a shock to some of you, due to how trite and short my posts here tend to be, and how terse my verbiage is, but I also really enjoy writing. I really enjoy it, and I like to think that I am pretty good at it.

My comic ideas are often written out in more or less an outline form, easily converted into either comic form or as novel form. Novel writing (novella writing, story writing, creative writing, what have you) takes a lot less time and effort for me to build. The trade-off, of course, is there aren’t any pretty pictures to look at in a straight-up novel-form story.


Would you be interested in my making a new Tumblr, “LordAardvarkErotica” or “LordAardvarkStories” or something to that effect, which will focus on more narrative works, taking all of these comic ideas I have (which are more than raunchy enough to be considered as pornographic as my animations and comics, don’t you worry) and putting them into full-blown novel form.

If I were to do so, would any of you guys read them? What would be a decent way to share the stories? My chapters tend to be very long (stretching into the double-digits in terms of pages), so I don’t think chapters would be short enough. Scenes, maybe? Or maybe just half-pages, regardless of where they fall?

And if I were to do this, I would make sure to make at least a single 1080p poster image that relates to the material in some way, usually leaning toward the pornographic side when available, whenever I post a piece of the story.

A final thing to note is that, while the works would be pornographic (or “erotica” if you prefer; they’ll have vivid descriptions of characters getting hot and all over [and inside of] each other), they would also be very heavy in story and drama. They would read like your typical fantasy / sci-fi novels you pick up at Barnes & Noble, but where those stories go “She took off her shirt and asked him to keep the light on; she wanted to see his face this time. The next morning…”, my writings will go into very quite explicit detail as to what exactly happened in between her shirt coming off and the morning coming.


PLEASE comment on this post, and just answer the following questions. Your answers don’t have to be long. Hell, single-word answers are more than good enough for me:

1.) Do you think I should make this Tumblr for these pornographic stories?

2.) Do you think anyone would read them?

3.) Would you ever read them?

4.) If I make the Tumblr, should I post by the half-page or by scene (which may be longer or shorter than half a page, depending).

Please and thank you, guys! Please, PLEASE, PLEAASE respond to this! This idea has been in my head for a long time, but I’d hate to go through all this effort and have no one even read the darned things.