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giinthir said: Wanted to thank for everything you do. It's really nice seeing your pics, gifs, ect. spice up tumblr for me. I appreciate it. If I need to ask a question, are there characters you prefer to do models/work off of?

The characters I use are the characters I like.

And thank you for the kind words. :).

Anonymous said: Hey, no offense but you're only one person and you seem to be juggling so many projects at once that the ones you announced from the summer seem like they're dead (Frozen comic) and it kinda feels irritating I guess? But if you like this way better I don't want you to change because the last thing you need right now is some prick telling you how to do your job but at least some consistency would be nice. I'm very sorry if I hurt you in anyway.

I do things for me. To be completely honest, I don’t really care if I upset people by doing things that I want to do. I’m all for constructive criticism, and I love your guys’ feedback, but I am not going to change how I do my hobby (and that is all this is, a hobby of mine) to please random people on the Internet.

I appreciate your concern and your humility. I just want to make it perfectly clear that I do things the way I want to do them - if I didn’t want to do them the way I do them, then I wouldn’t do them the way I do them.

Again, thank you for the concern.

Professor Jack

The students react well to her teaching style.

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted any news on the new Jack that Stealth and I are working together on. Stealth has made a ton of progress on her textures, and she looks absolutely amazing. Everything is 4k and currently uncompressed - her textures are over 800MB currently! Obviously they’ll need to be compressed down for release.

I’ve been doing a few odds and ends on the model side. I rebuilt all of her flexes (she has 46 unique flexes currently), and, most obviously, I gave her a new outfit. Funnily enough, I found this outfit trying to find some better pants for her. I still have to find better pants for her. As it is right now, I am honestly considering just hacking her Mass Effect 3 pants onto the body. I was hoping for something a bit more varied, but they’re honestly the best I can find for that “sexy badass” ideal for Jack.

I’ll probably be putting together a few more posters, maybe an animation or two, showing off Jack’s new textures. I’m pretty excited right now, because this is the first update I’ve had for her in months now - Stealth’s been busily chomping away, and I haven’t wanted to push him to throw out something that he’s not comfortable throwing out.

That being said, she still isn’t quite done. There are a few things Stealth still needs to finish up, and then I still have a few model-related things I want to throw out. 

As always, I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment.

Rebecca Chambers - Small Girl, Big Cannons!

Right. So this is the formal reveal of Rebecca I was talking about yesterday. It took me more or less all day today to get her to this state, on top of the work I had done yesterday. I am happy with the result, however.

And, in case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, yes, I have a bit of an obsession with Rebecca. She’s too damn cute for my own good.

As can be gathered, I decided to take Rebecca in a different direction from the last build.

The last Rebecca I built was very thin and stickly, and she was actually significantly under-proportioned. I had to scale down her waist and breasts quite a bit when putting her canon clothes onto her.

This Rebecca, on the other hand, is full and curvy. In fact, her ass is about as thick as Jill’s, her hips slightly wider than, and her cheeks overall much tighter. Similarly, her breasts are slightly smaller than Jill’s, but are much fuller, whereas Jill’s have a touch of sag to them - which of course was because I was going for a canon, realistic build with Jill, whereas I had no such intentions with this Rebecca build.

Rebecca is a little sex-bomb in a five-foot-three package, and is just the way I like them: short, cute, and voluptuous.

That’s what I’ve got for you guys today. I honestly don’t think I have much all to do with her still, beyond giving her the gauntlet of posing to find major issues. I am hoping to release her soon. But then, how many models have I pushed onto that plate in recent days?

At any rate, I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment.

Resident Ass

So I originally just made this as personal practice, but seeing as today has been an exceptionally unproductive day (and not for lack of trying; I can’t even recall how many projects I attempted and failed to complete for one reason or another today), it’s all I really have to post. As always, click for 1080p.


I was hoping for a greater reveal, but oh well. I built Rebecca a new, curvier body, as you can probably guess from the picture. The model’s name is “rebecca pornstar” for a reason - beyond the thick ass seen here, her breasts are also about the same size as Jill’s. As always, she is able to dress down to nude.

This poster marks the first time I have ever actually intentionally used and exploited the fish-eye of a low-diameter lens. In the early days (the days I try to forget), I used to use a low-diameter (17mm) lens that fish-eyed because I wasn’t aware that you could use higher-diameter lens. Ever since I first learned that fact, I have never used anything below 50mm, and traditionally use 85mm.

This was the first poster I made explicitly using 17mm, because I wanted the fish-eye to make their asses appear even bigger than they actually are. I feel I achieved the effect I wanted.

The model was actually one of the projects that gave me frustration, though. Namely, the clothes clip with the body underneath, but I can’t find an adequate solution to bodygrouping her clothes to avoid the clipping. If I do the traditional method of hot-swapping out clothes for bare parts, those ugly seams become evident and it’s just not appealing. I have a few alternatives in mind, but none of them are particularly ideal. I intend to explore them tomorrow.

So yeah. All I got for you. Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment.

Anonymous said: Is unzipped Ashley going to get released at this point?

Probably one day. Same with Moxxi. They both have minor fixes to be done - Ashley needs some minor rerigging, Moxxi needs her belt to not be rigged to her thighs.

When I’ll get around to doing that, though, is a different question. Model work is very much affected by diminishing returns, and the time I could spend fixing up those minor issues could be spent making massive strides in new model projects.

I have a tendency to prefer making the massive strides of progress. It’s a character flaw. One of many.

"Give Me More!"

Sometimes a girl just needs to relax. For some, that means a reading a nice book. For others, a day at the beach. For Elizabeth, it means taking two loads to the face from cocks so big she can’t wrap a single hand around them. And she means two - one just isn’t enough cum for her. Such a naughty girl.

So yeah. This was mostly an experiment of using particles in a loop (even if it shoe-horned a bit), as well as using more frames to add a bit of variety to the motion. Practice work, basically.

Being practice work isn’t excuse not to share it, though!

I haven’t had much time to do anything today. Moved into my apartment today, which was more or less an all-day endeavor. I put this together. That’s about it.

Anonymous said: Any chance of continuing the BioSlut comic? It was just getting good.

I have addressed this a few times before, but I am not happy at all with its pacing. I made a mistake in building and releasing the comic purely winged, without a propet script. A mistake I won’t make again.

If I were to “continue” that particulat story, it would be a rebooted, started over from scratch, with all of the expositional bullshit and verbal cesspools torn out.

I have been meaning to make something in the Bioslut universe, but I just haven’t had the time, resources, motivation, or ideas to go through with it yet.

IF people are really interested in my rebooting the existing Bioslut idea, though, I would be willing to consider. As Hollywood has shown in recent years, after all, it is a lot easier to reboot an existing idea than to create something new.

If you are interested in my rebooting that Bioslut story, Like this post. I’ll count Likes on this post as votes. If enough people are interested, I will seriously consider it.

Anonymous said: Aardvark man, I've been fixin' for something and I know you're the guy that can get it done. What I was looking for was if you could take the basic model of Elizabeth with the interchangeable heads you made and make a new line-up with bigger tits. I was thinking size wise anything from Shadman's Anal at Sea to 1KMSPaint's version he used for that new titty fuck thing he did. I figured it was a good time to ask since you've been doing stuff with her. I'd be over-the-fucking-moon happy pal, thanks

If I were to do that, I would build an entirely new body for her. The new model line wouldn’t replace the existing ones, but would behave much like my fantasy vs realistic Frozen girls.

Truth be told, I am actually considering it, now that you brought it up. I really should finish my Dark Elves and Samus first, but there is so little work involved in building a new Lizzie, what with all the material work already having been done…

Definitely something I will have to consider.

themightyelosan said: Hello, I understand that you do requests. However, I was wondering what kind of requests do you do? Do you do animations? Modelling? Texturing? Reskinning? I have some ideas, but I would just like to know if there is anything you can't/won't do XD. Also, what information would you need in a good request? What details? Thank you!

Okay, so first of all, this isn’t directed at you or anyone else in particular, but: did I make a recent post or something with a typo that ended up with me somehow saying I do requests or something? My modus operandi for the longest of time has been that I DON’T do requests, because my track record is notoriously horrendous when it comes to doing projects I have no personal interest in. Reason I ask is that in the past few days, the trickle of requests I’ve been getting has turned into an absolute torrent, as if the floodgates were blown right off their hinges.

That being said, I do occasionally poll ideas from the requests that do trickle in, and once every few full moons, feel motivated enough to do requests.

To answer your questions: in regards to what I do, it depends on how badly you want it. From easiest to most difficult (most likely to least likely to be done), it goes poster, animation, comic, model, map.

As to detail, the more the better. If you don’t give me details, then I fill in the gaps myself. I am not a terribly visually creative person, even on personal projects, and so that generally ends up going the “nothing at all” route. Don’t tell me a map? I’ll use void. Don’t tell me a male model to use? I’ll use Ellis. Don’t tell me any scenebuild details? Scene won’t have any props in it.

You can NEVER give me enough details, though. The absolute best request is a full film script, written to the fullest detail, explaining scene, mood, lighting, camera perspective, timing, the position of the Moon, the health of the US economy, progress toward El Nino, … . I think you get the idea.

So in summary, I do not make a habit of doing requests. If you still feel the insatiable urge to submit one, though, then please feel free to. The more detailed you make it, the more likely I am to have interest in it, translating to the more likely it is I will do it
Do not mistake that as a promise that I WILL do it, though - it is only a probability, and I take my probabilities VERY seriously.

As a final note, I knew I have a tendency to write overly verbose posts, but I never really realized just HOW verbose, until I wrote this damned response out on my autocorrect-disabled phone (I HATE autocorrect… I type faster and more accurately with it off and not constantly doubting me.) Absolute fucking torture, writing this post. I apologize for any typos or grammatical errors.