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Miranda Lawson Suit Variants WIP

One of the projects I’ve been working on the past few days is what I refer to as the “Miranda Lawson Suit Variants” project, which is basically just a bunch of different hacks between the nude Miranda Lawson and Miranda in her catsuit.

This video is just showing off the mesh and the jigglebones. The animations themselves are lazily puppeted over from the dance animations from the Mass Effect games - the only actual work I did beyond the lighting (and the model, obviously) was a bit of face-posing.

The video is by no means supposed to be considered a final product. It’s just showing off the model.

Click here to view the video, because I don’t know how to embed NaughtyMachinima onto Tumblr.

Also, if anyone knows the name of the song, or the artist, or anything, I would greatly appreciate if you let me know! I ripped the song from an Emily18 video (this one, to be precise), and I have no idea what the song is. I’d like to be able to find similar songs to it, for potential future projects.

Slut Wars Episode 1 - The Tattooed Menace

The first in a planned 5-animation series.

Jack wasn’t too pleased to learn that Shepard had been having sexual relations with both herself and Miranda. Rather than confront either directly, though, she decided to record her and Shepards’ next session. Unknown to Shepard, however, Jack set the video to stream directly to Miranda’s quarters, as a very creative middle-finger.


Click for 720p.

Basically, I got exceptionally bored late last night, and decided to play around with Jack. The animation came out better than I expected it to, so I decided to stick with it (rather than scrap it), polish it, and expand it into a little for-funsies animation series.

Even if animations aren’t my primary focus anymore, I still like getting some practice in every now and again.

The Star Wars parody names of the upcoming episodes, for those interested, are as such:

Slut Wars Episode 2 - Attack on her Throat

Slut Wars Episode 3 - Revenge of the Bitch

Slut Wars Episode 4 - A New Whore

Slut Wars Episode 5 - The Sluts Strike Back

If you can’t tell, this uni term is going painfully slow for me. My networking projects are fairly trivial, my concurrency class hasn’t done a single thing yet, and physics is… well… physics. If things keep going the way they are now, I am going to have more free time this term than I’ll know what to do with.

colev492 said: It would be pretty cool if you did some tutorials for how you make you comics and animations. You use source film maker right?

I find it a bit suspicious how both you and someone else (and not an anonymous, but an actual account) asked for tutorials on SFM at around the same time.

At any rate, a long time ago, I had actually started a comic-making tutorial. It wasn’t so much how to use SFM itself for it (that’s just posing in SFM in general - something the Valve tutorials cover fairly well), nor even the specifics of using an image-editing program, but it covered more design aesthetics and uniformity - things like how to form your speech-bubbles, what kind of borders to apply, what fonts to use for what situations, and the flow of dialogue in things like when to use merged speech bubbles.

However, like most things I start, it never got finished for one reason or another.

As for tutorials on animations, I’m probably not the best one to make such tutorials, because I am not that great an animator. If you’re interested in just animation in general, Zachariah Scott on YouTube is my go-to guy when it comes to both theory and mechanics in SFM animation. I suggest you, and anyone else interested, look him up.

Rebecca - Lonely Nights

The original plan was to show what Rebecca was masturbating to, but I couldn’t fit it in the scene. You all will just have to use your imaginations. ;).

Click for 1080p.

Rebecca Chambers

I feel like I already have a post with this same exact name (simply “Rebecca Chambers”), but I honestly can’t think of a better and more appropriate name.

finally got around to putting the medic outfit onto the newest iteration of Rebecca I released (on SFMLab). I found the original outfit on XNALara, with some very high-quality textures - no more Sheva pants, like my older iterations of Rebecca used (because the pant-legs of the model I took the top from were basically just 10-side cylinders, rather than the more detailed mesh that I used this time around).

Don’t let the fact this post is a GIF fool you - it’s just showing off six different iterations of the poster, utilizing different bodygroup combinations available on the model.


Click the poster to download the RAR containing the preview GIF and each of the 6 posters in 1080x1920.

Which variation is your favorite? Personally, mine is the second one, with just her tummy showing. But I think that’s just my clothed-female fetish speaking.

As to a release, there are a few odds and ends I have to fix up first. You may notice some shitty smudging on her arms - that’s because there are some alignment anomalies with all the pieces that I hope to resolve. Beyond that, there are some rigging and clipping issues I need to resolve as well.

As always, I won’t give any hint as to a release date up until the time it’s already out the door.

Anonymous said: So,i was wondering wether you were still working on the borderlands models,since there haven't been any updates for a while..

I lost interest in them for the time being. Shifted over to other projects.

I’ll probably pick them up again at some point. When that point may be, though, is a different matter.

Anonymous said: please tell me that was not an april fools joke and you really are actually releasing an elin model

I have intentions to one day, as well as the elves and a lot of other TERA models (both clothed and nude).

I’ve spent the past few days writing some tools for automating the TERA porting, actually. I’ve got tools for porting the meshes over quickly done (I can port 12 faces, 21 outfits, and 22 hairs in under 5 minutes), and next up I intend to build tools for porting textures over quickly as well.

Once the texture tool is done, I can use the two tools to quickly port models into Source, which will help me greatly in working toward releasing the TERA models.

An Elin Victory

Don’t let their diminutive and petite figure fool you: Elin are known for being especially fierce in the heat of battle. Their power is complete, and their dominance absolute; they are capable of singlehandedly defeating a group of opponents that are not prepared for their ferocious onslaught. The Elin do not kill their opponents if possible, instead assuring the humiliation of defeat will demoralize the losers from ever conducting another battle against them again.


Click for 720p.

If you can’t guess, I am porting some TERA models now. This is mostly a test of the High-Elves, of which I am still in the process of porting over to Source. The nude Elin was an earlier project that I have put on hold until a further date. There are no jigglebones, so I had to hand-animate everything myself. I didn’t bother hand-animating the hair, because I frankly just don’t care enough. Minimal effort was put into the background elves for similar reasons. I was just testing how the elves fair when being posed practically. I think they work well.

Renegade Shepard

So I think I have a problem, guys.

I got a request for an image involving a “Slutty Femshep,” which got me thinking: I should sluttify Femshep. Some hours later, this model was born.

Click image for 2160 x 1920.

Click here for a version without text.

I don’t know why I enjoy sluttifying these girls so much - especially since I don’t find tattoos, piercings, and excessive make-up attractive at all, on an actual woman. Something about it being on CG characters, though, makes it different for me. I don’t know why.

I intend to do a few Paragon / Renegade posters with Femshep and others in the near future. Just a heads-up. And to the person who made the request involving a slutty Femshep, your particular request is on the roster. I just need to build up to it. ;).

Miranda’s Schoolgirl Fantasies - Punishment

When Shepard asked Miranda to spill her deepest sexual fantasy, this was the scene she described…

Click for 720p.

You guys don’t even know how many failed animations I have tried to make with my Dominatrix Liara, to show her off properly. I have literally tried one or two animations every other day since her release. This is the first one I think is decent enough to show off - I’m actually pretty proud of it. It didn’t give me any issues whatsoever, too, which is a rarity, given the context. Usually these sorts of things like to fight me tooth and claw, but not this time.

Miranda’s a good little sub after all, it seems.