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Flattr Account for Donations

So I’ve had a few people over the months ask if I take donations, and the answer has been “no” because, among many other reasons, I don’t trust PayPal and don’t really know of any alternatives.

I decided to change that by creating a Flattr account. For those who don’t know, Flattr is a convenient way for people to make and receive donations, and is supposedly pretty painless to use. It also doesn’t ban donations for pornographic content. At least, such bans are not mentioned in its terms of use.

I’m not expecting anyone to actually use it and throw money at me (What I do hardly justifies throwing money at), but in the off-chance you find yourself wondering “Does LordAardvark accept donations,” the answer is now yes, and you don’t even have to ask first but can just click the Flattr button that I have annoyingly pinned to the top-left corner of the page.

You can also click the button right here, if you are like me and suffer from anxiety attacks whenever your cursor approaches the top-left corner of the page (Using Linux is a nightmare!).

(Direct link, if the button doesn’t work for some reason)

Bioslut: Premature Burial - Episode One

Yes indeed, in between all the work with the Frozen models, I actually managed to not only write out, even more than pose, but actually finish putting together a comic! And it’s not a Frozen comic, but is a Bioshock Infinite comic!

Trying something new with it, too. I’ve been told that apparently people don’t like comics that are single huge images, but prefer them to be smaller images in a gallery style so they can just click to go panel by panel. I elected to do so, and found that imgur allows embedding galleries on Tumblr. So, yeah! Click on the right-most side of the images to go to the next panel!

It’s just like the first part of Burial at Sea - it ends right when it starts getting to the good stuff!

I would like to know what you guys think, both of the comic itself, and of this new way of representing them. Would you guys prefer me to do comics in this gallery fashion in the future, stick with the old huge-image way, or do you not really care? And would you guys be interested in seeing my do the next part of this comic? (No idea how many parts would be in total, but I can’t see more than 3, if each one is as long as this).

And as always, I hope you enjoy.

If for some reason the embed doesn’t work, you can try these links:

Gallery direct link

Album direct link

Anonymous said: Any plans on continuing the Slut Wars series? I thought that was a pretty funny idea, and in my opinion that first animation was one of the best you've done.

I’ve had the second animation done ever since about 2 days after I posted that first one, minus some animation details.

Maybe one day I’ll actually finish it. Maybe.

ethantomas123 said: Let me start out by saying that you are my favorite sfm animator, all of your animations are masterfully done and some of your early animations are your best. You are very ambitious and have fantastic ideas, all these games and models you have made, even though you never finished any of your more ambitious games they were great. But I have to say that your lack of interest has made your latest models absolutely horrific. I don't mean to offend, just my opinion. Hopefully Constructive criticism.

Thank you for the kind words and the constructive criticism.

Funnily enough, others would argue almost the exact opposite of your position, and I am one of those to agree with them: most of my animations are piss, my earliest are easily the worst, and my most recent works (both animations and models) have probably been some of the highest-quality works I’ve done.

I appreciate the honesty and the fact you not only had the courage to speak out negatively but also the courtesy to be polite about it. I’m used to people either going out of their way to shit all over me; or breaking their backs bending backwards trying to fellate me; courteous-yet-critical is a personality trait I have not witnessed very much in this realm, and I am grateful for it.

However, that being said, I feel as though I am going to have to disregard your criticisms, because frankly, I find myself fundamentally disagreeing with them. I’m not entirely certain which projects in particular you speak about, but in general I do not work on a project at all unless I have significant enough interest in it to actually exert effort, and every project I work on only refines my model-editing skills further. Not only do I personally disagree with the statement that my most recent models have been low in quality (possibly in the lowest as far as my history is concerned), but I also technically disagree with it, in that the skills used to create them were at their highest, due to the nature of the fact they are the most recent.

Elsa & Anna

The canon bodies.

Click for 1080p.

Sisters by Tramp Stamps

Another day, another image. If you guys can’t tell, I am enjoying working on the Anna & Elsa models. Consider this fair warning: The next few days, there’s going to be a lot of these two, as I continue work on the project.

Click for 1080p.

If you find the silly proportions / big tits / big ass not to your liking, then fret not, as well! Over the next few days I intend to build their more canon bodies, which will be skinnier and proportioned significantly better. Balloon tits are fun and all, but I realize that’s not everyone’s taste, especially when it comes to rule34 - Generally I’m a purist when it comes to character design in rule34, so I understand the argument for it.

I have two more images, and a little comic in the pipeline for these big-tit iterations of the girls. Then, after that, unless someone surprises me with a paint-job for the clothes, I’ll shift gears over to the canon bodies and start posting media of them.

And if you don’t care about Frozen at all, well, this fascination shouldn’t last more than a week or so. So hang in there!

Anonymous said: Never thought of Elsa and Anna like that but to each their own. Say whatever happened to that Slutty FemShep model you were working on? I had an idea for a funny one-shot comic featuring that model. Is it dead or are you still working on it?

That’s part of my job, to envision our girls in ways others may not (RE: to steal Shadman’s visions of our girls). ;).

Regarding Slutty Femshep, it is neither. It’s not dead, in that it is (more or less) fully functional and ready for a release, and I’m not working on it. It just kinda fell off the wagon, which is to say I forgot about it.

I’ll probably look into putting together a release for it over this weekend.

xboxman9000 said: do u know if u know where u got the nude elsa if so can u tell me. if u made may i ask if i can have a copy of it

I built the Elsa and Anna models myself, from XNALara models (for the heads) and Skyrim Caliente bodies. I intend to release them when they’re more finished.

Chocolate: A Girl’s Best Friend

Compared to the last post, this one is a lot shorter with the text! Though Anna gave me a lot harder of a time, and I had to do a lot more work to get her to this point. Also gave up on giving her eyelid flexes, because her eyelids were so misbehaved…

Click for 1080p.

Still need to find someone willing to attempt to paint their clothes, though…

The Cold Never Bothered Me - Ah Fuck It

Hey guys. Is it too late for me to jump on board the Frozen train?


Click for 1080p.

WARNING! Beyond this point there is a LOT of text! Most of it is detailing specifics about the model and the work involved, but at the end there is a request for help from you guys, my readers!

I know of at least two different models of Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen - one by the DigitalEro user kp0988 (which is publicly released as a beta), and another by someone I don’t know which is apparently a private model release or something.

I hate when people step on my toes, and I hate stepping on others’ toes, and so I decided to take a different direction with my Frozen models.

Whereas both of the above-mentioned models are using what I presume to be pre-existing XNALara nude mods for them (though someone mentioned one of them using another XNALara nude body, for a Japanese maid model released on DigitalEro some time ago), I am using Caliente bodies (shocker; I seem to use them everywhere).

As far as I know, the above-mentioned individuals are also going for at least decently canon proportions for the women. I have put myself under no such obligation, instead taking inspiration from Shadman’s interpretations of them. Which is to say, big tits, big ass, and skinny waist. You can see the resulting (work in progress) Elsa above.

Beyond the body and proportion changes, another difference between my builds and the other builds is that, as far as I know, neither of them attempted to make the original mesh higher poly. The base model, where the faces are from, comes from Disney Free Fall, which is a Bejeweled clone. As such, they’re not exactly the highest quality. Elsa’s original face was barely 2000 polygons, and was noticeably blocky and jagged. I took it upon myself to tessellate the face up to about 6000 polygons, smoothing out those jagged edges and giving her an overall smoother appearance. I likewise did the same to her hair, which increased them from being square yellow-colored diamonds to actually having some shape to them, albeit still being fairly low quality.

A side-effect of making her face higher poly was that it completely destroyed her face bones, meaning I had to make every flex from scratch. It took me nearly two hours. A side-effect of this side-effect, though, was I had no “easy path” to take over doing it right and making a full suite of flexes, and so I ended up creating 44 unique flexes for her.

Beyond the silly Shadbase proportions (for reference, Elsa’s breasts are just about the same size as my Liara’s breasts), I have actually exported (though have yet to build) canon-proportions for the women. 

Another thing I did, which is as-yet-unseen due to reasons detailed below, I also took the original model’s cape and tessellated it. A LOT. The cape is about as high-poly as her face now, but it looks really awesome (before it was just a bunch of squares that were welded together at skew angles) now. 

However, I need your help to finish Elsa and Anna! Because I am using custom bodies for the ladies, I can’t use their original clothes (extremely low-quality, both in polygons and texture resolution). I have found Skyrim clothes that fit fairly close to Anna and Elsa’s clothes in Frozen, in terms of structure - but I need someone who is willing to attempt to paint them to match their canon clothes. I cannot paint worth shit, and so I won’t attempt beyond some really trivial recolors to at least get them ball-park.

If you would like to give painting the clothes a shot, or know anyone who’d be willing to, please contact me about it. I really would like to have their clothes done before I release the girls.