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Femshep Neckseam Fix

So I didn’t get a terrible amount of things done today. The only thing worth showing, really, is that I spent some time painstakingly fixing that absolutely disgusting neck-seam that the nude Femshep has, in preparation for the next episode of Paragon.

Her colors aren’t permanent by any means (I feel her skin is a bit blue right now; I am going to experiment with making her skin a bit pinker), but I just wanted to get the colors matched between her four textures. Each one of them was a slightly different color, which was the primary factor in causing those seams (the most evident being between the neck and the body). The mesh was also an absolute mess of vertices which I cleaned up and simplified, and the normal-maps were also all over the place and inconsistent between one another, resulting in light deflecting in oddball ways across textures, further exaggerating the seams.

I elected that the best way to show off the difference of the seams is by re-rendering something I’ve already shown, that had the seam extremely visible: the Samantha/Femshep analingus animation.

Here are two copies of the same frame side by side. On the left is the original, and on the right is the result of my work. Click for full-size.

Obviously, it’s not quite perfect, but I feel it is a damn sight better than what it was. And, because I rendered it anyways, here is the full animation, now with less terrifying neck-seam. Again, click for full-size.

Once I am happy with Femshep’s colors, I will be releasing her onto the SFMLab for those who want her. Even if someone uses a different version of her (and there’s a few floating around), they could at least use the textures to unify her colors, if they’re not already unified.

As always, I hope you enjoy, and don’t hesitate to drop any comments.

sinisterwaffle said: So far i have not run into any jiggle issues with Harley, i never use jigglebones though anyhow, i prefer to do it myself. But i do have a question i can't seem to figure out. There seem to be 2 versions one regular, and one with the suffix "Staticchair" what is that? I can't seem to find any difference

StaticHair. The StaticHair variants do not have the jiggleboned hair, for higher poseability. If you bake your jigglebones, you won’t notice a difference.

Anonymous said: Hi there, I really like your work. Your Harley Quinn stuff is great and I was hoping you may be willing to work a little with her regular (not the insurgency version) "Injustice: Gods Among Us" outfit? perhaps create a nude version for an image or two? - there is a Deviant Art link to the outfit i mean but im not allowed to post it here. I understand you probably have plenty that you're working on already, but if it were possible it would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for reading! :)

Why are you not allowed to post it here?

I won’t lie when I say I don’t much at all about the DC Universe, so I don’t know which outfit is her regular outfit. If you can provide a link, or even just give me the name of it, it’d help tremendously.

As to a nude version, unless you mean a dress-down version, doesn’t the outfit kinda defeat the purpose, since nude is, you know, without clothes? :V

If you do mean a dress-down version, I probably won’t work on that any time soon. The next model I am going to work toward pushing out will be Moxxi, and then I want to at least build Samus’ nude bodies (canon and curvy), before I pick up another project. All that while I am also working with StealthClobber on the new nude Jack, who I may or may not also build into a dress-down model.

So, yeah. Feel free to point out the Harley outfit, though. If nothing else I can say I have interest in it and then people can build a false hope that I’ll work on it in any timely fashion.

in your miranda striptease video what was the song you used? (Question)

I have no idea what the song name is. I ripped it from this Emily18 video:


In fact, if anyone knows what the song’s name is, I’d love to know it. Mostly so I can find music similar to it, for potential use in future videos. As of right now, the only other song I know like it is “Blood Rave” from the first Blade’s soundtrack. And then it doesn’t have the sexy voicelines like this song does, which I’d prefer for a porn video. I won’t lie when I say club music isn’t exactly my scene.

Also, I feel like I have answered this question before, but I’m answering it again if I did.


Actually, I just happened to check on the NaughtyMachinima video (to make sure I did actually use this song), and I saw that someone responded with the song name.

The song’s name is Devil Expression by Fred Pellichero, and can be found on the album Porno Tunes. You can listen to the song on YouTube here. Note it is age-gated (for obvious reasons, given the album name).

Thank you for bringing this up, because I wouldn’t have checked my comments on the video elsewise.

amatori3d said: Awesome to see the Harley model released! I gave it a quick test and found a bug. When using the Harley_Nude_Armgloves model, I loaded the rig script that you provided and this works fine. However if you do a "Bake procedural bones" on the model after rigging it (to allow manual control of the boobs and ass), the boobs go completely crazy. I don't know if this happens with the other versions as well, but just wanted to let you know. :)

Damn. Was hoping that was just a one-time thing I encountered with making the release poster.

Honestly, I don’t know why it does that. Especially since it doesn’t seem to do it for the version without arm-gloves; they both load the same exact jigglebones!

If you and others continue having issues with that, then I will compile and release completely static versions of the model, without any jigglebones built at all. Which is to say, the bones will be there, but they won’t jiggle - it’ll be just like making procedural bones, but without needing to bake them. The downside of course being any and all jigglebone motion will have to be animated by hand, but the upside being it’s easier to use her in still images.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Harley Quinn Nude RELEASE

So I decided she’s good enough to release. Please note that her jigglebones are very experimental, and are prone to change. Likewise, her clothes are not perfect and tend to clip in certain poses (the release image even represents that). I will most likely be releasing updates in the future to her. However, she is by and large ready for use, and so she is being released.

Download from the SFMLab

Pomf.se mirror

I originally was going to release her with an animation, but after three failed attempts at them, I decided a poster was good enough. Here’s hoping someone else can pick up the slack and put her in some good motion.

As always, I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to drop comments.

Zoey Mini-Update - Unzipped Jacket, Pulled-Down Pants, & New Strapon

Yep. I didn’t get much done today, other than this mini-update.

Direct gallery link

Will be pushing this update onto the SFMLab in the next few days, after I fix up a few final issues.

Tomorrow I am hoping to work on Harley and Moxxi, and hopefully get them just about ready for release.

fasamaga said: why liara gif in such a small resolution?


Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Liara’s Submissiveness

When asked about it, Liara stated simply that she was so submissive, she would buy extensive body augmentations, get piercings, and even have recorded sex with a Varren, if her significant other wanted her to. Shepard promptly took her up on all three offers.


So yeah, this isn’t exactly in the norm for me. The idea came about as a result of what adult actress Belladonna said in a “behind the scenes” interview with a scene between her and Sasha Grey, when asked if she would have sex with a dog:

"I want to say no, because, you know, I just want to say no. […] Here’s the thing: because I am so submissive, if someone I was with—my relationship—wanted me to, and that turned them on, I would do it. Because, I’m submissive, you know."

Well, I’ve had plenty of requests for this, so consider the request granted. Just don’t expect it to become a regular thing, because bestiality is not a fetish I can claim to have, and I tend to make these things because I enjoy them. This was just a one-off because a quote like that, on a video sold through mainstream (as mainstream as pornography is, anyways) channels, is just too gold to leave untarnished.

Call it a satire if you will. As always, feel free to drop a comment, and I know at least some of you will enjoy. Can’t speak for the others who weren’t requesting (either publicly or to themselves) this, though.

The Problem With Armgloves

Right, so a few people have asked what the issue is with armgloves, in the context of the Harley and Moxxi models. Because knowledge is power, allow me to explain my position, so you all can yourselves make more educated decisions on the question of whether or not I should wait until they’re done to release.

The problem with armgloves is that they are almost always attached to handgloves (or, more commonly, just gloves). As to why that is an issue, the problem lies with the fingers.

Every developer under the sun decides to make their hands slightly differently. Different length knuckles, different width hands, different volumes from wrist to knuckles, different amount of default finger splay, different default finger curvature.

The issue arises from the fact that there are already existing finger bones, namely the gloveless hand. My possible courses of action then are the following, and why they are less-than-ideal solutions:

  1. I manually shape the gloved hands to fit the bare hands. This requires a lot of precise polygon pushing, takes a metric fuckton of time, and has an exceptionally high probability of turning out looking like complete ass if I do it.
  2. I manually shape the bare hands to fit the gloved hands. Same thing.
  3. I have two separates set of finger bones: one set is for the bare hands, one set for the gloved hands. This solution requires me to add two sets of finger groups to the IK rig, meaning instead of just “RightFingers”, you’d have “RightFingersBare” and “RightFingersGloved.” This isn’t a terrible solution, but it’s really clunky and hacky and I don’t like it.
  4. I have two entirely separate models: one with the bare hands, and one with the gloved hands. This is the cleanest and simplest solution, but of course you have the drawback of having two models that are about 99% identical.

So yeah. That’s why I am so hesitant on armgloves.

With that knowledge in mind, I would like to hear some feedback: do people want to wait for me to muster up the will to implement one of these solutions before I releasing Moxxi and Harley, or just say “fuck it all” and release them without the armgloves? Note that I could add the arm-gloves post-release, but the reality is, I probably never will.

Basically, how important are the arm-gloves to you?