Elizabeth’s New-Years Card

At the risk of drowning out the Chell Selfcest, I feel the need to post this now, while the year is still young.


In this reality, Elizabeth grows up to be an avid activist for womens’ and blacks’ rights in Colombia. With the advent of the motion camera, she also becomes one of Colombia’s first porn stars.

Her debut film “White Women Love Dat BBC 1” was met with luke-warm reviews, with many praising its progressivism, but many a reviewer wondering aloud, “What the heck is a BBC?”

She sent a copy of this film, along with this postcard, to her father. He has since ceased writing back to her.

The film has since spawned thirteen sequels.

I didn’t intend to introduce this outfit for Elizabeth with this comic, but it works. I may make another image or three with this outfit, and as always, there will be a public release sometime in the future.

Chell Selfcest

As promised, this image is the last you’ll see of Chell 2014 from me until her public release.

This is just to help drive home just how silly-large her breasts are.

Click for full-size.

Chell 2014 [Flash Dress-Up Game]

It’s a day early, but I’ve spent the past three days on this project, and frankly, I have other things I want to work on now.

So the first thing I want to say is that this model isn’t serious. At all. In fact, the whole idea is a friendly parody of Shadman's work; he has a tendency of taking otherwise normally-proportioned (if not downright petite) women, and blow them up with silly huge tits and asses, covered in tattoos and piercings (case in point).

Before anyone takes this the wrong way, I am not in any way trying to deride Shadman’s work. While I disagree with a lot of the things he depicts (a lot of things), I have nothing but respect for his abilities, his art style, and his willingness to continually contribute high-quality content to the pornographic world.

I won’t lie when I say that I have taken inspiration from Shadman’s work in the past, and will certainly continue to do so in the future. This is just a nod and a chuckle at some of his more trademarked traits. (GLaDOS’s last sentence is actually almost verbatim from one of Shadman’s early works; one I don’t much care for, but nevertheless).

The above is a resized version of the game, for embedding without it taking up the whole page. Here are some alternative links:

Fit-to-Browser (Tends to alias): HTML Redirect

Full screen (1024 x 1272): HTML Redirect

Offline Download: Client Version Full-Source Version

Controls are pretty simple. Click the green text buttons in the bottom-right corner to change the scene. Click the gear to hide the options.

Note that sometimes pieces of text will disappear. I am aware of this, but I am not sure what causes it. Frankly, I am too damn lazy and I don’t care enough about Flash to try and resolve it, either. If it happens to you and it bugs you, just refresh the page. The buttons should work, even if the text is gone.

The last thing I have to say is that I will be posting one last picture of “Chell 2014” tomorrow, as the year rolls over. Then you will probably never see her again until I release her publicly (and then you will probably never see me use her again).

With all that being said, I hope you all enjoy. If any of you have any issues with the Flash, and none of the links I provided solve your issue, don’t hesitate to message me about it.

The Normandy’s Sex-Bot Gets a Chassis Upgrade (6 EDI Posters)


First thing I want to say is I really like EDI. Like, really like EDI. I wish there was more stuff out there of EDI.

That being said, I made these a week or so ago. Long story short, was drafting out a comic idea that called for a texture edit of the robot EDI. The texture edit required some modeling work, so I decided to edit the mesh as well.

Made her waist slightly thinner, gave her a bigger ass, and gave her even larger breasts (because they totally weren’t fucking huge in the Mass Effect games). Also rigged her breasts so they can be posed a bit.

This is what came out of it. I’ll spare the formalities and your eyes from any more text you all don’t care about. I debated sharing these over the past few days, decided why not. Click each poster for the 1080p. They all have transparent backgrounds, too.


Bet you all can’t guess what the context of the comic was. As to whether or not the comic will ever actually be made… well. You all should know me and my work ethic by now.

I’ll probably release the model publicly some day, when I can get around to uploading the files. Original textures will definitely be included, and the tramp-stamps may or may not be included.

As always, enjoy or not. Feel free to comment, too.

Slow Progress on the Liara Game

So yeah. Just checking in. Normally, this would be called a “progress report,” but the fact of the matter is, there isn’t much progress.

I got drafts for two different anal animations for the doggystyle position, and that’s about it.

I just don’t have much motivation to work on the game. I don’t have much motivation to do anything in the SFM really. I think the last time I actually launched SFM and did anything of consequence in it was when I made those GIFs for the game.

Just thought I’d let you guys know.

Oh, and in completely unrelated news, I finally finished Bioshock Infinite. All I have to say is that I found the conclusion to the game incredibly hard-hitting - and that’s after I already read the spoilers about the game. If any of you haven’t played the game yet, I highly recommend it, if for just the ending. And if you haven’t yet, try not to spoil the game’s twists for yourself - which is to say, don’t read anything about the game on the wiki’s and such.

Mass Effect “Fantasies” (3.5 minute video)

So it took me damn near 24 solid hours to render all of this footage.

This is something that I have been working on very slowly over the past few months. I don’t know how many hours I’ve put into it, other than too damn many.

The project is currently on hiatus, and so I decided to just share what I have. Nothing is, in any way, final or considered complete.

Direct link: http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/8656/mass-effect-fantasies-wip

The original project idea had a full story. The gist of the story is that the Mass Effect crew discovered a wounded alien of unknown species, and take it and are en-route to a research lab. The alien, locked away in a sustainment tube, is unable to communicate with the crew, but is highly telepathic and able to read and understand the crews’ thoughts.

As the girls of the crew (Jack, Miranda, Liara, Ashley, Samantha, Kasumi) go about their day, passing by the alien on occasion, it is assaulted by the women’s intense sexual fantasies. Miranda has a schoolgirl fantasy, Liara a gangbang fantasy, Jack a rape fantasy, Samantha a lesbian fantasy with EDI, Kasumi a futa fantasy with Femshep, and Ashley a tentacle fantasy.

The video would explore the alien having these fantasies forced upon it, and how it is uncomfortable with them (sexuality is a foreign concept to it). As it watches more and more of their fantasies, it becomes more and more disgusted by the crew, and wishes to be released.

So yeah. Hope you guys enjoy.

[RESOURCE] Mass Effect’s Kasumi Goto w/ Bob Cut

Another model resource release. This one I’ve had done for like half a year now, and I honestly thought I released it. Apparently I didn’t, though.

Click for 1080p.

You can find the model release over at DigitalEro.

Happy animating, everyone!

By the way, I am still not done rendering all of the animations. I rendered about 3 minutes of footage, but have another minute to go. And that was spending ALL DAY yesterday rendering. I hope to finish it all today, though.

Just A Rendering Kind Of Day

So, I am home now, and my desktop has been rebuilt and is no longer a volatile sun liable to melt down at any moment in time. As such, I have decided to spend today having my laptop here render various pieces of my animations I’ve made over the past few months (in 720p & high image quality), while I use my desktop for everyday computing. (Rendering basically locks the machine down, and you can’t really do anything on it while it renders).

I’m not sure what all I am going to render precisely (I have a LOT of unfinished projects…), beyond a 4-some-odd-minute Mass Effect piece split into 3 (unfinished) parts. I hope to one day continue the piece, but as it is right now, it’s not making any headway. I am really proud of the animation work I have so far, though, and so I decided to share it.

As of right now I am rendering a 43-second piece, and its going to take, conservatively, 4 hours to render. So doing the math, I may not be able to even render the whole four minutes today, let alone anything more. All I know is I intend to leave the 2-some-odd minute piece of contiguous footage till I go to bed, and let it render overnight.

When everything is rendered, I am going to put the Mass Effect piece together and upload it to Naughtymachinima, Xvideos, and Xhamster. As always, it will not have any sound, and the animations will not in any way be complete.

If I end up rendering things beyond the Mass Effect piece, then everything else I render will be placed into a single separate video, and similarly uploaded. Basically, I will upload at least one video, The Mass Effect piece, and at most two videos, the Mass Effect piece & an “Other animations” video.

I may or may decide to continue rendering into tomorrow. We’ll see.

I will also be reformatting my desktop and transferring all of my laptop files over in a few days’ time. The desktop has gotten an upgrade in the graphics department (For those who care, laptop = NVidia GTX 680M; desktop = two NVidia GTX 660 Ti’s in SLI), and I will be taking my desktop back to uni next quarter. Hopefully I’ll be able to get better framerates in Source Filmmaker (animating at 8fps sucks). If the frames are decent enough, I may even do another “How I animate” / “So you wanna know how to sexpose?” video. Unfortunately, I don’t think the 660’s will be able to use the new NVidia Shadowplay, so I would have to use some sort of streaming program like OBSProject or a screen-capture program like Fraps. So yeah. For those who care.

Expect to see the Mass Effect video in a few days.

Liara Cum Dumpster 2 - Details and Decisions (YOU DECIDE!)

So I decided to go through with building the Liara Cum Dumpster 2 game. I am hoping to get most of done during my 26 days of break, but there is no guarantee of that.

Before I begin with game details, allow me to shower you all with highly WIP gifs. These are some idle animations I whipped up in under an hour (the four of them). I have a few more planned, including a more neutral idle (EG no real motion, just sitting still), as well as “blinking” varieties for each of them (because that stone-cold gaze gets unnerving really fast). Final touches on the animations will include some smoother body motion (especially for the ass-shake and the butt-thrust) and some facial animation (both subtle cues, and more obvious cues like little moans in the ass-spanking one).


720p version (7.64MB)


720p version (13.8MB)


720p version (22.4MB)


<No 720p version due to filesize constraints>

Right, so with that out of the way, let’s talk about the game itself. First things first, the overview. Pretty simple, really: Have people fuck and cum inside an eager Liara’s mouth, ass, and pussy.

Now, before I begin talking specifics, there are a few things I want to make abundantly clear:
- The only character to receive is Liara. I am not making any variation in this regard - the game is called LIARA Cum Dumpster, and not Mass Effect Cum Dumpster.
- The game will be released in 640x480 or 640x360 (depending on if I can get the change in aspect-ratio to work well, because I work in 1920x1080) resolution, which is a standard Flash game size (for example, all of Zone’s animations are 640x480). The game MAY be created in a 1280x720 resolution (720p), but if so, it would certainly be too big to host on a Flash game site, and will have to be downloadable for playing offline.
- The game will be hosted on both pomf.se and NewGrounds’ adult section.
- There will most likely be no sound, with the exception of maybe music. This is mostly due to the fact that I don’t have that great of sound-bytes to pull from,and I hate pulling random and non-canon sound-effects in.
- The game will not use the key-pressing game mechanic that the first one used. The system was just too clunky (randomly not registering keys) and detracted from the game because you ended up watching that corner of the screen rather than watching the game itself. The game system will instead use a more traditional button interface, with menus to try and keep the clutter down.
- The game will have achievements. I intend to just rip the achievements system I built for the first game out, and put it into this one. Because really, why not?
- The game will have optional statistics. The statistics will be similar to those in the first game, and will count things like shots & volume in mouth, ass, and pussy individually. The “optional” is because a few people complained they took up too much screen real estate and detracted from the game; therefore, the game will allow you to toggle their visibility.
- The game will not wait for the current animation to finish before playing the next one. This was another system that I feel failed from the first game, because it was just too clunky. Some of the animations were quite long, and having to wait for them to finish made it feel like the game wasn’t responding to your input sometimes. Instead, the game will use a sort of cross-fade (if I can get it to work; else, it’ll just be cut transitions) between the current animation and the new animation. It won’t be a perfect transition, but I feel that prompt response is more important than an aesthetic detail like transitions.

So, with all of that said, here are some juicy specific details that I have hammered out so far. Note that only the first thing in each category is guaranteed to be done. Everything else is a “if I feel like it / if time allows me / if filesize allows me / if I can figure out how to do it”. So don’t get too attached to any one concept - it may not show up in the final game.

CHARACTERS AT THE HELM (eg fucking Liara) [15]:
- Human male
- Human female (strapon)
- Human female (futa)
- Cerberus Centurion
- Cerberus Phantom (strapon)
- Mordin
- Samara (strapon)
- Samara (futa)
- EDI (Omni-dildo)
- Legion (Robo-dick)
- Husk
- Jack (strapon)
- Jack (futa)
- Eezo (Varren)
- Tentacles

- Doggy (bent over table) [anal / vaginal]
- Missionary (back on table) [anal / vaginal]
- Blowjob (sitting on knees) [oral ]
- Cowgirl (back toward camera) [anal / vaginal]
- Reverse Cowgirl (front toward camera) [anal / vaginal]
- Tittyfuck (sitting on knees) [breasts]
- Sixty-nine (Liara on top) [oral]
- Sixty-nine (Liara on bottom) [oral]
- Deepthroat (back on table, head hanging over edge] [oral]
- Throatfuck (moving Liara’s head) [oral]
- Throatfuck (moving thruster’s pelvis) [oral]

OUTFITS (mix and match as makes sense) [13]:
- Basic nude
- Arm gloves
- Hooker boots
- Nipple rings
- Nose studs
- Nose rings
- Neck collar
- Back tattoo
- Stockings
- Low-cut shirt
- Normandy sweatshirt
- Explorer uniform top

- Futa Liara

You know how I just said not to get attached? And how I said “if filesize allows me”? Well, assuming that none of the other issues come into play, then the filesize will be the biggest inhibitor. Why, you may ask? It’s a simple case of mathematics. Here is the breakdown:

- Assume only the “nude” outfit (EG no other clothes)
- Assume every position gets a single character-neutral idle animation (which is to say, there is no sign of who the selected character is; the above idle GIFs are an example of what I mean.)
— This means there are at least 11 unique animations.
- Assume every character gets an “enter the scene” animation, an “active fuck” animation (which would loop), and a “cum inside” animation.
— This means there are 11 + 15*3=56 animations per position.
— With 11 positions, this means there are 11 + (45*11)=506 animations total.
- Assume each animation is 640x480, and each animation’s length is equal to that of the “ass-shake” animation (2.3 seconds).
— Then each animation is 490kB in size (I just resized the ass-shake to 640x480 and converted to FLV).
— 506 animations * 490 kB per animation = 247940 kB / 1024 kB per MB = 242 MB / 1024 MB per GB = 0.23GB.

So, if I were to include every character and every position, without any outfit variations, then the game would be, conservatively, a quarter of a gigabyte. And that’s at 640x480; I don’t even want to compute a 720p version. I had to pull strings to just get a 30MB game uploaded onto Newgrounds. I don’t think they’d let me upload a 240+MB game onto Newgrounds. Also keep in mind that’s with only one idle animation, one enter animation, one action animation, and one cum animation. In reality, there will be more idle animations, and potentially a few variations on the other ones as well.

With that being said, then, decisions are going to need to be made - namely, what characters and positions will make it to the final game? I am going to leave the decision mostly up to you guys, with this poll below, while I work away at the basic nude / human male / doggystyle / anal that is guaranteed to be in the game. Note that I had to make the poll itself seem inconspicuous due to the hosting site’s terms of use, so please forgive the awkwardness of its options.

The numbers correspond to the list above, so “Human male” is “Character 1”, “Human female (strapon)” is “Character 2”, etc. The positions are in the same fashion.

Also note that I couldn’t set a restriction of how many choices you choose. Please just choose 3 of each, as the poll prompts. If everyone goes and chooses everything, then nothing gets solved, and it just delays the game being made that much longer. Also note that while I ask for you to choose 3, that doesn’t mean I will only pick 3 - I will just make the most popular of each until the estimated filesize approaches about 25MB. That may be less than 3 x 3 (not likely), or it may be more than 3 x 3 (I am thinking no more than 6 x 6).

So yeah that’s about all I have for you guys today.

The poll should be popped up on the right-hand side of this post. If it’s not, then here is a direct link to the poll: http://poll.fm/4jq16

I’ll give the poll 2 or 3 days before I start actively working through things. If I end up considering myself more or less done with the anal doggy before I’ve given the poll adequate time, then I may just make some mock-up idle poses for the various positions We’ll see.