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Nothing Happening

So the past two days have been pretty full, with little time to myself. Haven’t got much anything done, and honestly, I can’t really motivate myself to do much of anything, other than put together the resources for the next few episodes of Lazarus.

Just checking in, on the odd chance that someone actually cares.

Lazarus - Chapter 1: The Odd Woman

All right, here is the first chapter.

As I stated previously, this is a serious drama, and I am using game characters as more or less original characters. Think of them as actors, if you will.

This is also not strictly speaking a porn comic, in the sense that it is not centered about sex. Sex and nudity are elements in the comic undoubtedly, but they are not the main focus.

And as I said, it is made in a style reminiscent of 1950s noire and more than a touch of pulp fiction. That means there is going to be a lot of text - both in internal monologues, and in conversations. It also means that I will be writing a lot of psuedointellectual dialogue, trying to sound smarter than it all really is, which was (at least in my opinion) a trademark of the pulp-fiction and film-noire era.

There are also a number of more recent films that serve as a sort of basis for the comic’s design and aesthetics, some of which I’m certain will be more obvious than others to some of you.

Direct link to gallery

As an aside, I have ended up creating a second imgur account. Apparently free imgur accounts are only allowed 225 images, and I have exceeded that limit. With this second account, I am going to be more frugal with its usage, reserving it primarily for comics. Model previews will be done instead as simple GIFs that flip through the variations, rather than galleries that do the same. Just a heads up, from that front.

As always, I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to drop a comment.

Anonymous said: Jill neck her neck have bad texture

Yes, I am aware. I am not a texture artist, however.

If you are a texture artist, or someone you know is one, and are willing to fix the neck, then please don’t hesitate to send me or have them send me the fixed texture, and I will upload the fix as soon as I can.

Anonymous said: Hello! Wonderful work you are doing here. I love it. Say, I was wondering if you have any plans for making a torn suit version of Nova from Starcraft as the one you made for Jill Valentine?

Actually there were plans for that. When it’d get done is a different matter. Thank you for reminding me of those plans, though. I get caught up in all these projects, I occasionally drop a few.

wesker9337 said: Any chance you'd be wiling to port over the MK gals to SFM? There are few nude mods of them around for SFM or Gmod, but they either don't use their canon base nude bodies or they're lacking some of their original bump maps that should give their bodies a more toned/muscular look. Would be nice to have a proper port of all these gals. I'd imagine there would be several different bodygroups involved for their states of undressed as well.

I won’t lie when I say the Mortal Kombat (9) gals scare me.

Women with biceps larger than my head make my genitals retreat inside my pelvis.

I’m not saying with certainty I won’t do it. Just that I have no particular interest in it. Which means that, even if I were to do it, it would take a gratuitously long time.

Basically, don’t hold your breath on it.

Anonymous said: You should work with the studiofow guys, they have a pretty stellar team cooking stuff up over there. Love your work!

Darkcrow & Yagskie (the two lead members of studiofow, if there are any more than them) and I disagree vehemently on the type of content they produce.

I don’t approve of rape porn at all, and won’t associate myself with those who not only willingly and repeatedly produce it, but are proud of it.

Don’t get me wrong, we are good friends, and I have nothing against them personally. I just disagree with their work. And in talking with them previously, they seem to have no interest in doing work involving consensual sex.

mysteryquote said: How does one fix your rig scripts and mostly all of them.

The scripts don’t need fixing. Every IK script I release I use personally, which means I know they work.

If they don’t work for you, then there is something going awry on your end. If you’re having issues, please give me examples of what your problem is - include the model name and the IK script name, and what exactly the problem is. Use the tilde key (~) to bring up the console, and provide the error it is yielding as well.

I want to help you resolve any issues you’re having, because I know first-hand it sucks when things that are supposed to work don’t. :).

Jill Valentine - Operation: Raccoon City RELEASE ; Torn-Suit & Nude Jill UPDATE

So unfortunately I couldn’t get Lazarus done today. I decided to go for a stylistic art style, and the result took almost 3 hours just to pre-process the images. I’ve barely even started putting the actual comic materials on - all I’ve done is put the text in place.

However, I did force myself to get Jill ready for release, so I could keep at least one promise.

Click the images for the download pages.

As always, I hope you enjoy, and feel free to drop a comment or six.

Anonymous said: Hi, sorry if I'm pestering you as I know you're busy but are the following animations still in the pipeline? All from Borderlands Girls, Lilith - Cowgirl bouncing, Maya - Doggystyle & Tannis - Ball-sucking? *Begs LordAardvark*

I’m not exactly bending over backwards to work on them. When I get time and motivation I’ll do them, just like anything else.

olowrider said: Hey Aardvark, Any updates or news on how Moxxi is coming along?

Haven’t touched her.

Once I have O:RC Jill out and the Samus nude texture not currently a seam-filled and purple-and-black-hand mess, I intend to work on her. If I recall correctly, all I really need to do is get her armgloves on (will use the same solution as I did for Harley) and then make sure there’s no severe clipping with her clothes. Maybe rebuild her faceposing, too, because I’m not terribly happy with her existing flexes.