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Anonymous said: ok that was just rude

I never claimed to be polite. And I’m sorry if I offended your favorite SFM artist, but it’s not my fault he’s a pedophile who creates and publicizes child porn on more than one occasion.

Besides, the person asked where they could get the models, and I told him. Who better to ask for a model than someone you know uses said model?

di12tymary said: So I totally know it's a big no-no to post pictures of it on here because reasons... >_> But do you have any idea where I could download both a clothed and nude model for Tiny Tina? <_< I am toying around with Source Film Maker, and I know the model exists, but I can't find it ANYWHERE. Any help would be amazazing.

A clothed Tiny Tina was released some time ago, I think you can find the Borderlands 2 pack on the Steam Workshop or something. I’m not really sure where exactly you can find it, but the quality isn’t the best.

As to the other request, you can always just ask Fugtrup where he gets his child porn models. He seems to like using them, Tina in particular. I will have nothing to do with it.

And I am making your post public so everyone can see what kind person you are and what you’re into. In the future, don’t ask me for child porn or resources for child porn.

The Lesson - 01 - Beginnings

Right. So today has been a long day of working on various things and not getting anything to show for it. However, I put this little comic together yesterday, and so I’ll share it today.

Before anyone says anything about it, I know the posing isn’t top-notch. It’s fairly exhausting treating every frame of a comic the same as the posters I release, and I elected to compromise the posing quality in exchange for time: experience has proven to me that the longer I spend on posing a comic, the less likely I am to finish it.

As the title suggests, this is an intended series. And as I am sure you can guess from the episode, there is a marked difference between The Lesson and Bioslut Infinite: namely, it is a comedy rather than a (semi-)serious comic, and Elizabeth is completely sexually oblivious rather than a cock-hungry predator.

Direct link to gallery

As always, I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to leave any comments and such below. I always enjoy reading your comments.

Harley Quinn - Morning Ritual (And Lipstick Model Release)

Right. So as I predicted, bodygrouping Harley’s clothes was “fun.” Took over three hours to get to what you see here. And as you can see, I still haven’t done her hands or arm-gloves yet. I intend to do those sometime that isn’t today.

Also, while making this pose, I realized there weren’t any decent lipstick models floating about for SFM! So I fixed that and ported a lipstick model I found on the Internet. It’s released on the SFMLab.

Image gallery. Go through the pictures to see Harley progressive get more clothes on, from buck-nude and out-of-the-shower (skingroup), to her original outfit (again, sans arm-gloves).

Direct ink to the gallery


It has come to my attention that apparently the mirror is reflecting the wrong way.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn. I spent damn near an hour trying to get that mirror to have the right perspective and to not distort, and had to actually end up making a square plane to put in front of the mirror, just to get it to how it looks now. That’s not even considering the fact I only had about 5 degrees of freedom for rotating the lights - anything outside those ranges, and the mirror would go pitch black.

There was a lot of stress involved with that mirror.

It’s not that big a deal, the direction of the mirror’s reflection is not the focus. The focus is Harley. Focus on Harley.

I am not going to fight with trying to flip the mirror, re-render, re-edit, and re-upload these pictures.

Harley Quinn - Nude Tease 1

Yep, sorry, this is all I got for you all today. Luckily, the next few days of my schedule should be fairly freed up, so I can get back to getting work done. Next up on the agenda is bodygrouping Harley’s clothes onto the nude body. Should be fun. Especially since the clothes are fairly low-poly and a lot are just painted on. May prove…. interesting.

Click for 1080p.

As you guys may have imagined, from the shots I’ve made of Harley so far, she’s sort of become my poster girl for extreme and acrobatic poses. Just seems to fit her crazy-ass personality, if you ask me.

Anonymous said: You're she best person at producing digital ero atm imho. Long may it continue and I'm looking forward to more ME and Borderlands stuffs. You have probably answered this a million times before but can you list all the software you use and your specs that make or day that little more epic?

Thanks for the kind words, mate. As I have said many times before, I’d argue the “best person” point, and indeed if one were to ask me, I’d say that I’m a pretty shoddy animator myself.

That being said, I have no issues with listing off the software and my specs.


Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2011 - Modeling program

JASC Paint Shop Pro 8 - Image editing program (ancient as balls and buggier than piss, but I love it nevertheless)

JASC Animation Shop - Animated GIF tool

GUIStudioMdl - Graphical wrapper for studiomdl, the Source model compiler

Source Filmmaker - Animation tool (obviously)

Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) - Recording tool

Windows Live Movie Maker - Video-editing tool (super high-tech, I know)


The current rig I am using is as such:

Intel i7-4770k @ 3.50GHz

NVidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti


However, from the time I started this blog up until a few months ago, I was using a Sager laptop that ran a GTX 680m and a slightly lower-end Intel i7, also with 16GB of RAM.

Anonymous said: Why has no one made a nude Mad Moxxi model yet? Dafuq?

Someone did. She’s just not quite ready yet. ;).

Anonymous said: Moxxi's titfuck animation looks GREAT - honestly, please do more Moxxi. There can never be enough. Couple questions: any way to have that animation with her hat on? And I seriously don't think I've seen a single animation, image, etc, with her outfit from the Dragon Keep DLC (bar wench.) Is that due to it not being possible to get, or just that nobody has done it? Cause... it's kind of amazing.

The model exists ( assuming this is the one: http://armachamcorp.deviantart.com/art/Borderlands-2-Moxxi-381471178 ) but I have no personal interest in the outfit. It’s more or less a reskin of her traditional outfit, but with just enough differences in the mesh that it’d require a complete port to put into Source.

As to having the hat, if you watch the making-of video, you’ll see that the animation was built with her hat on. However, when I realized the model didn’t have the hat actually rigged to the hat bone (what point is the hat bone then, anyways?) I decided that, between not being able to animate the hat (because it just being stuck to her head wouldn’t look good) or just not having the hat, not having the hat was the better alternative.

And, of course, thank you for the kind words. :).

Borderlands POV - Moxxi Tittyfuck

So I decided to hold off on the video of the Caliente Template. The revisions made from the first video to what I recorded two or so days ago were pretty minor, and I am in the process of doing a lot of rerigging on the template, to make the body more palatable to extreme poses. I’ve been using my nude Harley as a guinea pig for finding these extreme-pose flaws. I’ll tease her tomorrow.

Today, however, is Moxxi’s time to shine. I’ve got some more Moxxi in the shop, but it’ll be a while before she comes out to play. I think you guys and gals will like what I’ve got cooking, though.

Also note that this is the last of the Borderlands animations I’ve had stockpiled - I have to make new ones before I can post them, now. May take me a while, due to my schedule being full for the next few days.

Here is a video of me building the animation, start to finish. It’s 8x in all places except for where I am testing the animation in its entirety, which is played back in real-time for viewing posterity. 

[LordAardvarkSFM] Building the Moxxi POV Animation by lordaardvark

As always, click for 720p, and I hope you enjoy.

generalyobo said: Just out of curiosity, how long have you been working with 3D models and stuff? Because you're pretty damn good at it.

I first got into doing model-work for Source about 5 or so years ago, because I quickly learned that no one will do your requests for nothing. I was told that if I wanted something done, then I need to do it myself. And so I learned to do it myself.

Started doing simple headhacks, then simple rerigging, then simple ports, and then I just kept progressing from there, making things as I needed them. Everything I made was for because I wanted them (mostly for comics). I never really got into sharing them until maybe two or so years ago, though, because it wasn’t until then that I considered them to be really worthy of sharing.

Thank you for the kind words, though. :).