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RE: A question about usage of your Dominatrix Liara model

Hi.  I’m working on a private project for my own enjoyment, which is a redux of the dominatrix liara model.  I’ve made several major changes and over 30 minor ones, including resculpting of parts of the body and redone flexes.  I was wondering if I could get permission to release on SFMLab, giving credit to you of course, once I’m finished with the project. 



Add me on steam at —redacted— if you want to discuss things.

Of course, feel free to. It’s not like the model’s mine, really, anyways. I don’t exactly have any sort of legal claims over it.

I’m sure most people in the scene are too new to remember Urgarulga, but I actually adopted the model from him. He released the initial big-breasted Liara on DigitalEro many years ago, and then vanished shortly after.

He built the model using Caliente Bodyslide and Bioware’s Liara head and head textures (obviously). I am not sure where the scaled body texture came from (he may have built that himself).

Deus ex Nihilo completely rerigged Urgarulga’s Liara sometime after the disappearance, and I adopted the model shortly thereafter. Her outfits have come from Dead or Alive, and her piercings came from Nahka’s Sandra model, which I believe was originally a port of an Oblivion character (and certainly is built on the Oblivion HGEC body). I do not know the original author of the piercings, but it certainly wasn’t me.

Hell, even the tattoos I’ve built for Liara aren’t mine stylistically - I use fonts and different wingdings from DaFont.com to build them.

Honestly, the only material on the Dominatrix Liara model that is legitimately 100% mine are the bones, rigging, and constraints for her jiggleboned ass and breasts. Everything else is actually other peoples’ work that I have just modified as I see fit.

So yeah, this was a long way around saying “feel free to modify and release as you like; just give credit where it’s due, which in this case is the effort put into putting everything together.”

Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with her. :D.

Anonymous said: I'm too shy to post nonanon but more Lilith please?

Why are you shy? There’s no judging here (at least from me), and if you’re concerned about anchoring your account to such a naughty blog, you can always do what I do and use an alias.

You don’t think I use LordAardvark as a name anywhere outside the SFM porn scene, do you? ;).

At any rate, Lilith is on the roster, as I explained. Whether or not I do more Lilith beyond that, who can say. I have no plans to, though.

Borderlands POV - Cmdt Steele Anal

So I brought this up as a tag-along to the Badass Jack post - I am currently working on making POV animations with the Borderlands girls I have ported. I am hoping to be able to get one out every day until I’ve made an animation with every girl.

I haven’t done much POV work, so this is all fairly new territory for me. So far the biggest issue I’ve had is making the male motion look natural - without any reference in the scene, the motion looks kinda floaty. I will continue to experiment and see if I can find a solution to the issue.

Each Borderlands POV animation will be rendered and available in two modes: my standard ambient-occlusion settings, and an AO-less “cartoony” mode. As always, click either for the 720p version.

Here is an overview of everything I have planned for the Borderlands girls.

Steele - Reverse cowgirl anal

Lilith - Cowgirl bouncing

Gaige - Deepthroat

Moxxi - Tittyfuck

Maya - Doggystyle

Tannis - Ball-sucking

As always, I hope you enjoy.

generalyobo said: You're a model mastro; any idea if there are any SFM models of Angel from BL2 out there? I have one, but it doesn't have the siren tatoos :c

I ported a clothed Angel, but the project kinda stopped.

If I ever get into the Borderlands girls again, Angel will undoubtedly be on the list. She’d probably be done, nude and clothed, after I were to build a nude Maya.

That’s if I ever get into that project again, of course.

Model In Progress - Badass Jack

Right. Tumblr derped out and lost the very large and informative post I spent about 15 minutes writing for this. I am not rewriting that, so sorry for the terseness.

Model design is inspired from Shadowrun and the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Intended goal for the project is a comic I am drafting out that would serve as an origins story for Jack, some time before joining the cult which yielded her shaved head in Mass Effect 2.

Direct link to gallery

And the making-of video. Over 90 minutes of footage brought down to just under 12 minutes, via an 8x speed-up.

[LordAardvarkSFM] Building Badass Jack by lordaardvark

Beyond Jack, I have also been working on some animations. I’ve gotten a few requests for Borderlands stuff, which made me decide that I was going to make a few POV Borderlands animations. I currently have a POV Gaige deepthroat, and a POV Maya doggy-style. I’m thinking about a POV titty-fuck with Moxxi, but that’s a pretty extreme position to make look decent in POV, so it may end up changing.

That being said, I would like some suggestions for Lilith, Steele, Tannis, and Moxxi - what kind of POV positions should they do? Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be just a POV guy and one girl. There can be other characters, and more than one girl in a scene. However, I do intend to only have each girl represented once. Also keep in mind that Tannis and Moxxi do not have nude bodies built yet, and so it’d either have to be something not involving nudity (Gaige deepthroat) or something I can hide with camera perspective (Maya doggy-style). Please give me ideas, because I honestly can’t think of any!

STOP! ANSWER TIME! - Part 2: Electric Boogaloo (Return From Vacation Edition)

Hey all. Back from vacationing with my family, and ready to get back to work providing smut and smut resources for all you naughty boys and girls.

So I am going to address every message I got while I was away, in the order they came in. If you sent me one of these messages, then you’ll want to read this post for a response. If you didn’t send me one of these messages, well, feel free to read anyways.

Oh my dear, that Miranda riding mShep is fucking fantastic. Any chance you could take my request for an Ashley variation of her grinding mShep like that?

I could. I was playing about with an Ashley Romance animation before I left for my vacation, but the ideas were lackluster and it didn’t really go anywhere. I try to avoid doing the same sort of animation, but if people really want a cowgirl grind with Ashley, I could do it. Just let me know if you guys are really interested in seeing something like that.

hey, man. loving the zoey reupload. nice shit you’ve done with the site. i like the booru theme you’re goin with here, but you might wanna make it appear less intrusive if that’s possible. once again, loving all of the stuff you’ve done, and i cant wait to hear back.

Yeah, I know the nav menu is a bit cluttering, especially on lower resolutions. I could roll something more flashy like the sidebar on the right, with expanding and collapsing menus, but that’d require me dealing with Javascript. Javascript is one of the bastard children (along with PHP and a few others) resulting from the Devil turning Hitler into a woman and then proceeding to knock Hitler up. Which is to say I hate dealing with Javascript. If I ever feel particularly masochistic, I might spice up the nav-menu. Until then, though, people are just going to have to deal with the clunkiness of it all.

will you be releasing your mansion map?

That is the goal, once it is complete.

Hey man, love your work. Are you going to be making an archive of your works to date any time soon?

I’ve considered it, but seeing as I don’t want to get even remotely close to BitTorrent since this stint with CenturyLink getting its nose in my shit, it causes complication as to where I’d put such a large archive. Not to mention, I really don’t want to look back at the absolute garbage I put out in the past - every time I happen to come across any of said works, my throat begins to burn as bile builds up and the threat of vomiting becomes precariously real. I don’t know where I would draw the line of my considering my work anything other than garbage, but it wouldn’t be more than a few months back. Probably about the time I stopped doing animations as primary content for this blog, and shifted gears to doing model-work primarily. So yeah.

did you accept request? can you make a nude model, extracted from metal gear solid 4 (meryl, naomi hunter, rosemary) add boobs… and then import to Source Filmmaker, the files are in .obj, i can open in 3ds autodesk but im complete noob using that

OBJ does not come with armature, meaning I would have to rig it from scratch. That alone is enough to turn me off from the idea, disregarding the fact I have no personal interest in the project, and the fact the characters probably aren’t that great of quality, seeing as the game is a few years old now. So long story short, I am not interested. Sorry.

How did you make your Skyrim body resources? I’m using a .nif file I generated in bodyslide to attempt to make my own body resource.  However, it doesn’t seem to be importing any bones.  Mind sharing what settings you used?  I’m using 3DS max with the importer from the nexus
Make sure you’re importing with skeleton and helpers. If you still have issues, let me know and we can figure it out.
Could you post a POV view of the miranda lawson romance you just posted?
Trust me, you probably don’t want that. My animations are subject to what I refer to as “posing for the camera” to various degrees, where I don’t pay attention to reality and just make it look good from the camera’s angle. That particular animation suffers from it pretty severely. From any other angle it looks… bad. Really, really bad.
Can you please convert the Jill Valentine Battlesuit Torn model for garrys mod? I’m can’t use SFM because my laptop isn’t fast enough and I am a great Jill Fan.
I hate supporting gmod, because it requires a lot of additional work on my end that has absolutely no effect on SFM. I can provide the resources for others to build the support, though. If anyone is willing and able to do the work necessary, they can let me know and I’ll provide the source files to make their lives easier.
Hey man, I sent you a message a few months back wondering about the nude Nick model you were working on. How’s that coming? Hope I don’t sound impatient.
It’s not coming at all. I thought Crowbar could decompile L4D2 flexes, but it has a lot of issues with them. A lot of the flexes come out pretty broken. There is still no DMX importer for 3DSMax 2011 (as far as I can tell), and so the project is still on ice. Unfortunately.
Hi, 2 of the 3 angles for the Miranda’s R & R piece no longer work in 720p, and neither does the Miranda face-sitting. The face-sitting was posted before you moving your content over to a different host, but the R & R came after. Was wondering if you had everything available for DL, or could re-up those pieces (they’re really great).
Forgive me if I don’t remember exactly what animation the R&R is. It sounds familiar to me (does it involve EDI?), but the fact I don’t remember probably means it is an earlier work. As I’ve explained above, I more or less completely reject my earlier work and would rather pretend none of it had ever existed. I am not proud of the quality of work I used to put out. At any rate, I lost any and all copies of both works when I switched to my new desktop, if not even earlier. There is no recovering them unless someone else happens to have copies of them they are willing to upload and share.
you recently posted Miranda Lawson Romance animation. could I ask that you replace shepard with Ashley wearing/using a strap on ? like you said grinding is awesome and if you made an animation of Ashley and Miranda grinding I think my dick would explode. if you do make this I thank you in advance, you are one of the top SFM animators.
First of all, thank you for the kind words. While I disagree about being a decent animator, I really do appreciate the kindness. As I’ve said previously, I tend to try and avoid doing similar animations, but if people are interested in an Ashley/Miranda strap-on grind, then they should not hesitate to tell me so. I’ll do it if people really want it.
okay for real that miranda animation was amazing, could we possibly get another angle of it?
Thank you, as well, for the kind words. As I’ve explained above, the animation is posed for the camera quite severely. There are a few angles I could probably make it work, but I’m not sure if the vantage different would really be significant enough to warrant new renders. I’ll see what I can do with it in the next few days, when a lull between friends and the slew of project ideas I’ve written down while on vacation comes up. Don’t expect anything, though.
i know you did the miranda grinding for a reason and its awesome, but can you do one of her bouncing too? thanks
I’m sure an animation will come along involving Miranda bouncing on someone’s cock sooner or later, don’t worry. :).
how’s elsa / anna coming?
I’ve got the Fantasy Elsa’s breasts and ass jiggleboned nicely. Her hair is also jiggleboned, but I am not terribly happy with the motion. It has proved exceptionally stressful, with maybe 20 or so hours put into those hair jigglebones alone. Truth be told, I have been considering stripping the hair jigglebones out altogether. It will require people to pose and animate the hair itself, but in my experimenting with her, I’ve ended up doing that anyways. Fantasy Anna has had her hair straightened out and jiggleboned, but it’s the same situation as Elsa’s hair. I have not jiggleboned the breasts and ass of Realistic Elsa, Realistica Anna, or Fantasy Anna yet. Thanks for asking!
Hey just wanted to let ya know, there’s at least one person looking forward to the Cop models :) I may not be proficient at SFM, but I do love suggesting animations/comics oftentimes to see the models you create get used well. Never feel like your work is pointless, it is duly appreciated, even if everyone can’t say it :)
— vincentvalen
Thanks! :D. I always appreciate when people show interest in my work that isn’t animations. I put a lot of work into my models and comics - arguably (and occasionally undoubtedly) more than I put into my animations. It’s always good to see them get some love, too.
Hey Aard, do you ever do Tali animations?

I don’t mean to impose, but I see ever ME Girl but her. To see her touched by your skill would bring tears of joy to many men, present company included.

Your work is brilliant and keep up the good work friend!

I do not work with Tali for one reason, that is purely and absolutely personal: I do not like the existing nude body that is built for her. Plasmid built the body, but like the body he built for Rebecca Chambers (separate from the body I use, mind), I find it very anatomically unsettling. Even disregarding the fact Tali is an alien, I just find the body… wrong. I have considered building my own Tali model, but I cry a bit every time I think about pulling the calves back to make the kangaroo legs. It feels like a defilement to me, in an oddly religious way. I have no issues with aliens like Liara, because they are still human anatomically - blue skin and funny hair an alien does not make. Maybe one day I’ll work myself over my inexplicable phobia of building Quarian legs, and put together my own Tali body. But as of now, I have not nor will I begin working with Tali. And as always, thank you for the kind words. :).

Hi dvaark. I been spreading the word of patreon and would love to see you there as well. Patreon is crowdfunding website that allows adult material such as pictures, animation and games. Patreon does monthly funding for your work, so it’s very good for the long haul. I want to see your work there so you can not only do what you love but also get funding to continue doing this. would love 1 stretch goal be a bittorrent sync. Recently rexxart, studiofow joined :) please give the site a browse.

Sounds very interesting. I shall definitely look into it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. As I’ve explained previously, anything regarding BitTorrent and myself is very unlikely to happen, though. Sorry about that.

Hey Aardvark, I love your work, and you do an excellent job every time, and how you give back to the community, by creating models for others to use is just amazing. However, I have a problem, if you don’t mind me asking. I was on DigitalEro Offline, and I found this model pack for Bioshock Elizabeth, with the deep throat makeup. I was wondering if you could tell me how to import the model, and make it good for use. All help is appreciated, and thanks for everything!

Thank you for the kind words! I am starting to feel like a broken record, but believe me when I say I mean it sincerely every time I write it. Installation of any of my models into the Source Filmmaker is simple: simply extract and place the contents such that the “models” and “materials” folders in the ZIP are in your steam/steamapps/common/sourcefilmmaker/game/usermod/ folder. If you have anything installed in there, you should be prompted to merge folders - you want to hit ‘yes’ to this. To install the IK rigs, simply drop the .py files into your steam/steamapps/common/sourcefilmmaker/game/platform/scripts/sfm/animset/ folder. I hope this is sufficient for you, and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask them. And you are welcome for everything! :).

hey aardvark, seems like the link for slut wars 2 isn’t working, any chance of reup? ty

Yeah, though I won’t be able to upload it as a loop-able, stream-able video. It will probably go up as a .zip or .rar that you download, and then it will be an .mp4 you can play on your computer. It seems that pomf.se doesn’t like my webm’s. Sorry about the inconvenience.

does a Aria T’Loak sfm nude model exist :O?

As far as I know, no such model exists. :O!

Someone posted your Isabella model on the steam workshop. I confronted him asking if he had permission and he literally told me in russian to go fuck myself.

Haha, that’s humorous. Frankly, I don’t really care. I appreciate the effort, though. It means a lot to me that someone would actually stand up for me or my work. If he wants to take credit for that lackluster port, then I don’t mind. People who really care will figure out who it was actually ported by. I know the model was ported by me, and to me, that’s all that matters. Again, thank you though.

The slutwars 2 webm appears to have died before I was able to see it. Any chance of a reup?

See previous response to this question.

Is the Rebecca Chambers flash game abandoned or is still in development? It’s been almost 10 months since you posted about it.

The “Rebecca Chambers Zombie Bang!” has been subsumed by “Monster Bang!” Which is actually on ice as I can’t be assed to build another set of animations for testing the switching-between-scenes system. If I ever get about to doing that, though, then the only things left is to start recruiting people to make content for the game, build an intro-splash-screen, and tie everything together so the game can be played from initial launch without me needing to short-circuit various mechanics via the initializer code. Which is to say the game is mostly done mechanically, and years away (if you relied on only me) content-wise.

So Aardvark, I’ve been a fan of yours for quite some time, but I only recently started getting into SFM and the likes. I’m a big fan of your Borderlands models, but I really want a model of the Borderlands 2 Lilith, as opposed to the BL1 model. Right now I’m using one that I ported from XNALara, but it’s not properly built for use in SFM. I doubt you’d want to make a new model on demand, so I’d like to ask what software you use to build your models properly for SFM? Thanks in advance !

I use 3DSMax 2011 64-bit. You can get a free copy for three years from Autodesk, if you sign up as a student, which I did. From there, I use various tools found on the Internet. For XNALara, there are importer scripts written by mariokartn64. For Borderlands 1/2 and other Unreal engine games, there are importer scripts written by Gildor. Good luck in your endeavors, friend!

anything on elsa and anna?

See previous response to this question.

So, uh… Any word on that Elin model..? |「・ิρ・ิ|「

It’s where it was the last time I posted about it. Which is to say, barely even serviceable. I haven’t had any interest to work on it further. Sorry.

Anonymous said: Do you ever plan on uploading your Cowgirl Ashley model to SFM lab? I would appreciate it.

I have a Cowgirl Ashley model?

I mean, I don’t remember ever building one, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t. Do you have any links to shots or something I’ve made teasing it?

Miranda Lawson Romance

Put this together this morning, after releasing the girls. I decided to do something a bit different - I really enjoy girls bouncing (if you couldn’t tell), but I know that women also enjoy grinding, rocking their hips with their partner deep inside them. I have neglected that aspect, and so I elected to remedy it. It tends to be a more romantic position, which while the porn industry may consider that undermarketable, I find it more appealing that traditional in-out lime-in-coconut motions. Truth be told, I am not sure why I haven’t done much with it sooner.

At any rate, here’s the animation. I’m sure there are problems. There always are.

As always, I hope you all enjoy, and don’t hesitate to drop comment-bombs.

Zoey, EDI, Isabela Release

SFMLab is finally up, and has finally enabled guest downloads, so you don’t have to register there to download files.

I have uploaded and released Zoey, EDI Sexbot, and Isabela, as was requested.

Release pictures:

Download links:

A Comic, A Map, and an Animation

Hey all. Bit late on my pre-midnight daily update, but it’s hard to meet deadlines when you entertain company for fourteen hours straight.

First things first, no pornographic content to share today, for aforementioned reasons. However, I do have some non-pornographic content and some news regarding the development of pornographic content.

That being said, the Comic: I recently sat down and wrote, from beginning to conclusive end, a frame-by-frame description of a Frozen comic. In total, the script contains 98 panels, split across 10 separate installments - eight of them have 8 rows, one has 9 rows, and one has 10 rows. The 8-row split was my goal, but the two odd-balls just couldn’t really fit all the action and/or story I wanted without making sacrifices I wasn’t willing to make. If you are interested in potentially spoiling the comic for yourself and potentially giving yourself closure on a comic that may very well never be completed (or even started, with a family vacation about 30 hours away now), you can read the script, in full, here.

Next up on the agenda for today’s update, the Map: I am building a custom map for use in the SFM, from the ground up. The map is actually being designed explicitly for the Frozen comic described above, but is being built general enough to be used for other things. The general theme of the map is a mansion interior, but not in a Team Fortress 2 aesthetic (which seems to be the only decent-quality more-than-one-room mansion maps I can find). I have currently only built two rooms: the bedroom, and the dining hall. Still planned are a meeting room, a two-story lobby / entrance, a cellar, and a restroom. The two existing rooms are about 90% done each, with some detail work still being planned - namely, some paintings and gold trim for the dining room, and some plants and a new skybox for the bedroom. You can view the gallery of work-in-progress images for the map below - I will be updating the album as new images are introduced, as well. Direct link to the gallery. When the map is done, it will of course be released here and on SFMLab, for use by all.

The third element I wish to discuss is the Animation: To be precise, an animation that is not yet finished. Long story short, what started as my intent to make a one-or-two second loop of Bioshock’s Elizabeth doing POV deepthroat has currently turned into a 15-second POV deepthroat-and-skullfuck animation, which will actually be a bit longer than that because I haven’t sealed the loop. Because it is so long and will require being a webm, and because it is now too long for gfycat to allow me to upload it, I have decided “fuck it all” and will just build it until I feel it comes to a logical point to loop it. I also decided to experiment with high frames-per-second again with this particular animation. Unlike the last time I tried this, where I relied on GIFs that were stored in decaseconds (1/10th-second intervals) which resulted in every browser deciding to play them at different speeds (none of which being the correct speed, might I add), webm shouldn’t have any issues with high framerates. I will render as a 60-frames-per-second 720p animation (my hard-disk is going to hate me for the uncompressed image sequence). The motion should be uncannily smooth, and will undoubtedly highlight every facet of ineptitude that is my animation skill or lack there-of. Nothing to click or view here, because it’s not done or in any way presentable currently. And probably won’t be for a long time, unless I decide tomorrow morning (this morning, technically, seeing as it is 1AM now) to work on it. Which I have no intentions to do.

So that’s all I have for you today. As I promised, though: transparency, personality, and daily updates. Whether or not you like it, I’m doing it.