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A Port Out of Nowhere: Harley Quinn

First of all, I already know a Harley Quinn has been ported (same outfit, I think), but as always, I like to get my hands dirty and work models myself. Rather than just redo faceposing like I normally do, I decided to just do the whole damn port.

With that being said, this literally came out of nowhere. I was looking for the Borderlands 2 crew for XNALara so I didn’t have to extract the game files myself (no luck there, by the way; had to extract the game files anyways), when I came across Harley and decided, entirely on a whim, to port her.

Three posters and a video showing building her faceposing:

[LordAardvarkSFM] Faceposing Harley Quinn by lordaardvark

There’s still work to be done with her. My highest priority right now is to build a nude body for her. After that, I want to rerig her hair - her ponytails are rigged weird and prone to deforming (as can be witnessed by the third shot), and most of her bangs aren’t rigged at all. Then, I want to tessellate her clothed body to put some nicer curves on her - her ass is so blocky you could cut meat with it currently. Finally, I want to bodygroup her clothes onto the nude body, for a partially-nude dress-up Harley doll.

Hopefully the whole project won’t take more than a day’s work or two, but my schedule is a bit crowded for the next few days, so it may take longer.

I may make a few more things with Harley, as I work on her. I may also show off some Borderlands work as I get it done, too (I’m looking for the BL2 crew for a reason, and as a hint, it involves a nude Moxxi I built). No promises on anything, though, as is my modus operandi.

And as always, I hope you enjoy.

Anonymous said: Can you please tag your posts as NSFW if you're gonna use public tags?

My entire blog is tagged NSFW in the Tumblr account settings. None of my posts should be showing up in public domains, unless the guys at Tumblr are complete monkeys.

Borderlands POV - Gaige Blowjob

This was the first of the Borderlands POV animations I did. There are reasons I didn’t post it first - I’m not too happy with it. My main gripe with it is that Gaige’s flexes just weren’t quite up to the task, and so there’s some noticeable clipping. No one to blame but myself for that one, seeing as I was the one who made the flexes.

Ah well. I think I can take a free pass on noticeable clipping, considering my track record for trying to avoid it like the plague. If not, oh well. Click for 720p.

As always, hope you enjoy. Will be posting a video on the newest iteration of the Caliente Body Template tomorrow.

Anonymous said: Hey man, I really like your stuff, particularly the animated stuff, at times it can be hard to keep up to date and.. tumblr is kind of a slow website in how it loads, could you do a bittorent sync folder like others do? e.g fugtrup and dotacouch

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: ever since CenturyLink jumped down my throat on torrent traffic, I am not touching it. End of statement.

imnotethic said: Hello Aard, I'm just about to commission some work involving Lilith but the guy says his model has no "bones" in the vagina or ass so I'm limited by that (complete novice/beginner here). I've seen you have a model in your wip section and also that you're working on Lilith in cowgirl at the moment (really looking forward to that!). Does this mean that you'll be releasing a final model soon? Thank you and I really appreciate the effort! Donating post-payday *Salutes*

I don’t do pussy bones, because the Caliente body has an absolutely rubbish pussy. It doesn’t deform well.

The Lilith I released should have ass bones, though.

jadowita-kielbasa said: Typical of you.... Then why the fuck did you put Ellis in it, if you don't like the story? You should've put some lesbian or futa shit instead.

The original outline of the story, begin to finish, was intended to be only 90 frames, or 3 pages.

Look at its length now, and realize it’s not even a quarter of the way through my outline.

That’s what I get for not writing it out in detail first. I made it way too slow in pacing. I admit that.

And if you were to actually read my words, you would see that I said I don’t like how the story is going, not that I don’t like the story itself. I still like the story, but I completely fucked the pacing.

I’m sure you’d rather I jump onto a new story rather than completely rewrite what the first two parts of this one established, now wouldn’t you? Because that’s the only feasible way to salvage the pacing, other than a completely unanticipated and flow-breaking surge in pace.

zt45 said: Hey there, probably sure you've been asked this before, but fuck it. Do you know when you'll release another Bioslut comic strip? I really liked the others.

May be a while.

I’m not happy with the way the current story was going.

I may end up just hopping ship to another Bioslut story, rather than continue with this one. If I hop ship, though, I intend to write out the entire comic before I start posing, so I can prune it as necessary. Similarly, if I stick with the existing one, I will need to severely rewrite it to make it quicker than the pace it is going right now.

Don’t expect anything in its vein for a while.

Caliente Body Template - Demo 1 - Nude Maya (Borderlands 2)

So most of you guys and gals probably know me for my animation work. Perhaps more critically to the community as a whole, though, I also build and release models for the public to use.

Occasionally, however, I also put together tools to help others build and release models.

Today was spent on such a tool: the Caliente Body Template project.

Before I get into detail, I am going to post the video before I bore everyone to death with words.

[LordAardvarkSFM] Caliente Body Template Demo 1… by lordaardvark

Long story short, the nude body that I use (Borderlands girls, Resident Evil girls, Liara, just off the top of my head) is the Caliente body for Skyrim, known as the CBBE body. My reasons for using the Caliente body are varied, but the biggest ones are it’s a high-quality mesh, modeled to be physically appealing, and most importantly, is highly modular.

The CBBE body comes with tools that Caliente included, the most important of which to me is the Bodyslide tool. The Bodyslide tool provides 51 shapes that can be used to control the arms, shoulders, breasts, waist, ass, and thighs of the Caliente body, yielding a fairly comprehensive amount of variety.

However, a major bottleneck in the pipeline has been the fact that the Bodyslide tool is a separate program from my modeling workflow. Eschewing details, it basically means I have to constantly guess-and-check those 51 shapes when matching a nude body to an existing canon body. As you can imagine, this is slow-going and can often be frustrating, because the pipeline between building the body and checking how accurate it is involves a handful of steps that get abrasive when repeated ad infinitum.

The Caliente Body Template (CBT) project is a suite of tools I am designing for public use to minimize the amount of work. Most importantly, it provides all of the original Bodyslide shape functionality within the 3DSMax interface. This means I can have the canon model and the nude body overlaid atop one another, and I can adjust the nude body and fit it in real-time. This eliminates the painful pipeline involved with guess-and-checking - one export, guaranteed to be as close as I am willing to make it, no questions asked.

Beyond this major boost to the workflow, though, the CBT project provides additional conveniences: the hands and feet are automatically included, positioned, and scaled (all things I have had to do manually for every single girl built on the body), the skeleton is fully linked (another manual thing every girl required), the shoulder bones are adjusted to not become Hunchback-of-Notre-Dame if rotated (yet another manual thing, and something I often neglect), and jigglebones are included and rigged (yet another thing I have to do myself…).

But the CBT project is more than just the Bodyslide tool with those conveniences. It also self-contains a generic compile-script file, with the constraints, bones, jigglebones, and jargon already built. All that is required is supplying the name of the mesh, name of the model, and the eyeball coordinates.

The video above demonstrates a working demo of the 3DSMax file, and in it, I demonstrated that I was able to put together a decent-quality nude model inside of fifteen minutes. And that was with me having to work with a few issues that later iterations will have resolved, such as having to adjust the jigglebones. The final release will not require any adjustment to the jigglebones for decent results. Furthermore, I will most probably eliminate the need for the collapse-export-import that the current iteration requires, which would further speed up the workflow and decongest the pipeline.

The ideal final solution is that the only work that will be required for building a nude mode, using the CBT project, will be stitching the neck, rigging the neck and head, and building the faceposing. The template file and the complementary files will take care of the rest.

The end goal is to make it so that building nude models for Source Filmmaker is about as easy as it can become. I aim to lower the bar of modeling experience and familiarity as low as I can make it in this endeavor, with the hope that people who are both veterans and new to the scene will be able to pick it up and use it to make nude models for themselves and the world to enjoy.

Just to clarify on this fact, the tool will be freely and publicly released, just like everything I do. There will be no gotchas, no caveats, no conditions of use - you download it, you use it, you do what you want with the results. No strings attached.

I am hoping to work on finalizing the template, refining the rig, and building similar solutions for those who use tools other than 3DSMax, such as Maya, Blender, and XSI Mod Tool. I do not have these programs, nor do I know how to operate them - but I have friends who do, and I hope to work with them in building similar Bodyslide-shape morpher templates for them as well.

As always, there is no ETA on release. I intend to tinker on this project as I work on my other endeavors. When the project is released though, its release will be celebrated with a nude Maya model - she will become the poster girl for the project, demonstrating what can be done with the template with no additional work (beyond fine-tuning) involved. She will demonstrate what quality of work can be done with just the Caliente Body Template project.

I know only six of you will have read to this point, only two of you will actually care, and only one of you will think “wow, this is a great and useful idea.” It is to that one of you that this explanation is for.

As to the the other five of you who are still reading, just know this: while this project does not directly impact you, it will (hopefully) impact the future of your SFM smut needs. Without models, there is no smut. And every tool to make those models easier to make, translates to more models made faster, meaning more smut to enjoy. And the higher quality the resources our community of model-makers has, the higher-quality the models made and used, and the higher quality the resulting smut is.

And I think we can all agree that the higher-quality the smut, the better.

Thank the remaining three of you for your time, and as always, I hope you enjoy.

RE: A question about usage of your Dominatrix Liara model

Hi.  I’m working on a private project for my own enjoyment, which is a redux of the dominatrix liara model.  I’ve made several major changes and over 30 minor ones, including resculpting of parts of the body and redone flexes.  I was wondering if I could get permission to release on SFMLab, giving credit to you of course, once I’m finished with the project. 



Add me on steam at —redacted— if you want to discuss things.

Of course, feel free to. It’s not like the model’s mine, really, anyways. I don’t exactly have any sort of legal claims over it.

I’m sure most people in the scene are too new to remember Urgarulga, but I actually adopted the model from him. He released the initial big-breasted Liara on DigitalEro many years ago, and then vanished shortly after.

He built the model using Caliente Bodyslide and Bioware’s Liara head and head textures (obviously). I am not sure where the scaled body texture came from (he may have built that himself).

Deus ex Nihilo completely rerigged Urgarulga’s Liara sometime after the disappearance, and I adopted the model shortly thereafter. Her outfits have come from Dead or Alive, and her piercings came from Nahka’s Sandra model, which I believe was originally a port of an Oblivion character (and certainly is built on the Oblivion HGEC body). I do not know the original author of the piercings, but it certainly wasn’t me.

Hell, even the tattoos I’ve built for Liara aren’t mine stylistically - I use fonts and different wingdings from DaFont.com to build them.

Honestly, the only material on the Dominatrix Liara model that is legitimately 100% mine are the bones, rigging, and constraints for her jiggleboned ass and breasts. Everything else is actually other peoples’ work that I have just modified as I see fit.

So yeah, this was a long way around saying “feel free to modify and release as you like; just give credit where it’s due, which in this case is the effort put into putting everything together.”

Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with her. :D.

Anonymous said: I'm too shy to post nonanon but more Lilith please?

Why are you shy? There’s no judging here (at least from me), and if you’re concerned about anchoring your account to such a naughty blog, you can always do what I do and use an alias.

You don’t think I use LordAardvark as a name anywhere outside the SFM porn scene, do you? ;).

At any rate, Lilith is on the roster, as I explained. Whether or not I do more Lilith beyond that, who can say. I have no plans to, though.