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Maya Blowjob

So I put this together in just over an hour or so, as practice of minutia. More specifically, the placement of male hands and the motion of hands and feet.

One of the benefits of inverse kinematics is that it allows the hands and feet to stay in one position, and the arms and legs bend to accommodate that position, allowing the body to move without the hands moving. In fact, it is the hands and feet that most often give away when people don’t use inverse kinematics: they will be jittery, as the animator manually tries to place them in the same place every keyframe.

However, inverse kinematics is a flawed system in human-centric animation for one very small reason: our hands and feet never stay perfectly still. They roll around a bit, ever so slightly, as we move.

This motion is what I tried to recreate in this animation, as well as just some fine motion in general. Even the fingers are fully animated, on both Maya and the male. Attention to detail was the name of this game.

As to the position itself, I took reference for it (in its entirety) from this Krissy Lynn video (NSFW), 10:52 to 10:55. The animation is almost a carbon copy of the video, with the exception of it being mirrored (to show off Maya’s [incorrect] tattoos) and both of Maya’s hands being on the ground (and thusly, her spine is not twisted like Krissy’s is in that video, due to her leaning on the sofa.)

I should note that this animation went almost without a hitch. It was one of the smoothest and cleanest animations I’ve ever done, and it seemed like I was golden, until I went to export. The jigglebones for her breasts couldn’t be baked, so I couldn’t seal the loop with them - baking them caused them to retreat into her chest, which obviously was no good. They jittered too much to leave unsealed.

What I ended up doing was ripping the jiggle-bones out of the model itself and recompiling the model, and then manually animating the breasts myself. I hate having to do that, but I don’t know why SFM spontaneously decides to fuck jigglebones up when they’re baked (Rebecca’s hair does it, too), so I don’t know how to prevent it.

Oh well. With that being said, I hope you enjoy, and as always, feel free to drop a comment.

Liara Cum Dumpster 2 - Asari Anal - Teaser Video

Right, so yesterday I decide to take my Flash game attempts in a different direction.


Previously, I have been trying to add complexity to my Flash games since the first Liara Cumdumpster test. However, as you have probably noticed, I haven’t really been able to finish anything since that test. The reason for that being (primarily) that I just can’t be bothered to do all of the animation work associated with that complexity.

Instead, I decided to make a spiritual successor to Liara Cumdumpster in more ways than just the name: I tried to cut down on the complexity, and reduce the amount of animation work even more.

In Liara Cumdumpster 2 Asari Anal, there are exactly three unique animations: the idle animation, the penetration loop (albeit 12 speed variants of it), and the hentai-style cum finale.

But that isn’t to say that the game has less functionality than the first game! On the contrary, I believe it has more! The video below (God I hope it works) shows off the game in its current not-quite-finished state. Read on for details!

pomf.se mp4 mirror

pomf.se rar mirror

naughtymachinima direct link

For one, I removed the annoying-as-fuck “press the right key in time” gimmick, and instead replaced it with a “alternately jam space and shift to control the flow of the animation” gimmick.

In association with that, I added actual mechanics that the player (that’s you!) can control - you can control the speed of the motion and how the characters’ pleasure increases, which affects the gameplay.

When the male reaches full pleasure, he pops in Liara’s butt. Not a big deal. But when Liara reaches full pleasure, the game enters a momentary “Overdrive” mode, which unlocks five more speeds (on top of the seven normal) that can be reached for the duration of Overdrive. It also makes it easier to increase in speeds, so you can get to those new speeds even faster! And, if the male reaches pleasure during Overdrive, the game will enter a near-cinematic feel of waiting for the Overdrive to end before busting a nut.

The game is, as the video suggests, playable. However, it’s not quite polished. Here is a list of the immediate things I need to do:

  1. Fix some clipping in the animations.
  2. Add different facial expressions dependent on the speed of the animation.
  3. Change the slow-down key to something other than Shift. Sticky Keys constantly popped up in my testing, and it’s damned annoying.
  4. Add a Launcher that’ll load the game from an external file (to cut down on initial filesize)
  5. Reduce the screen transition flash time! It’s way too long and it’s annoying when in Overdrive and you’re blitzing through speeds!

And here is a list of things I am considering doing:

  1. Find a different cum particle. I spent like an hour trying to build a decent-looking hentai-esque cum-splosion, gave up, and went with what is seen here. It gets the job done, and I don’t think people are going to play the game with the intent of critiquing the cum art, but I’m still not happy with it.
  2. Achievements? Not really sure what could be done in this department, other than just rewards for playing the game for long periods of time, like the first game had.
  3. Sound! I don’t actually own any Mass Effect games, so I don’t have access to sounds from them. I have absolutely no idea if Liara has any sound files in the game that’d be suitable for moaning, squealing, and generally asking for more and asking for it faster. If she does, though, I’d love to add them!
  4. UI sound! Different from the above sound! Just effects for things like clicking the button, feedback from hitting space/shift, sound effects for the transitions, and sound effects for the cum.
  5. Music! I personally hate music in porn and in porn games, but people seem to like it. So I need to find something that’d work for it. Suggestions would be nice.

I think that is all that really needs to be done, though. The core of the game itself was built in a little less than six hours (that is all of the Flash, from absolutely nothing to the current state it is in), which is more than I hoped for but I believe to be a respectable amount of time still.

I will probably not spend tomorrow working on this, simply because I spent all of today (programming) and most of yesterday (animating) on it. However, I intend to start working on it more Wednesday.

If I don’t have a release out by Friday, someone (hell, everyone) please message me about it.

While we’re at it, would people be interested in the game in its current state, as shown in the video? I could release the version I just recorded later tonight, as sort of a “playable teaser” (because the word “demo” has died along with the practice of releasing them for games).

If you’re interested in such a PT release, please let me know, either as a comment to this post, or send it in through the usual channels for contacting me. The Flash is actually fairly small, at under 15MB with all of the animations included. Was kinda surprised at that, because the first Cumdumpster was about 30MB.

That’s what I have for you guys tonight. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy, and as always, please feel free to drop a comment!

Something A Bit Off - Comics

What happens when a comic is born about a creator of comics? I’m not quite sure. All I can tell you is that there’s just Something A Bit Off about the whole thing…

Direct link to the comic.

I think the real question should be: what happens when a comic about a creator of comics becomes aware that it’s a comic about a creator of comics? That, my friends, is a question to be answered another day.

So as you can probably guess, this is a metacomic - a comic about comics. However, the comic goes beyond that, and is more generally a comic about my using SFM in general. It is also a comic that is conscious of its own state, occasionally breaks the fourth wall, and is almost a metametacomic.

When a friend pointed out that Zoey is looking awed in the title-card, I explained that the title-card - and Zoey in particular - is the manifestation of not just the comic title (she is realizing all of the blog post above her, and finding it to be something a bit off) but also the state of the entire affair (how no one else in the scene is aware of the fact they’re not real people, even with Elizabeth sitting on the SFM logo, and Jack draping a leg over the “source filmmaker” title).

He responded that that “was some existential shit right there.” I responded in a quote I find to be rather fitting and descriptive of what I intend the comic to serve and represent as:

"On the surface, the comic is just some cheap laughs and metahumor. Dig deep down into the core, though, and you’ll find it to be an existential black hole."

So with all that said, enjoy, and as always, please feel free to drop a comment!

giinthir said: Wanted to thank for everything you do. It's really nice seeing your pics, gifs, ect. spice up tumblr for me. I appreciate it. If I need to ask a question, are there characters you prefer to do models/work off of?

The characters I use are the characters I like.

And thank you for the kind words. :).

Anonymous said: Hey, no offense but you're only one person and you seem to be juggling so many projects at once that the ones you announced from the summer seem like they're dead (Frozen comic) and it kinda feels irritating I guess? But if you like this way better I don't want you to change because the last thing you need right now is some prick telling you how to do your job but at least some consistency would be nice. I'm very sorry if I hurt you in anyway.

I do things for me. To be completely honest, I don’t really care if I upset people by doing things that I want to do. I’m all for constructive criticism, and I love your guys’ feedback, but I am not going to change how I do my hobby (and that is all this is, a hobby of mine) to please random people on the Internet.

I appreciate your concern and your humility. I just want to make it perfectly clear that I do things the way I want to do them - if I didn’t want to do them the way I do them, then I wouldn’t do them the way I do them.

Again, thank you for the concern.

Professor Jack

The students react well to her teaching style.

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted any news on the new Jack that Stealth and I are working together on. Stealth has made a ton of progress on her textures, and she looks absolutely amazing. Everything is 4k and currently uncompressed - her textures are over 800MB currently! Obviously they’ll need to be compressed down for release.

I’ve been doing a few odds and ends on the model side. I rebuilt all of her flexes (she has 46 unique flexes currently), and, most obviously, I gave her a new outfit. Funnily enough, I found this outfit trying to find some better pants for her. I still have to find better pants for her. As it is right now, I am honestly considering just hacking her Mass Effect 3 pants onto the body. I was hoping for something a bit more varied, but they’re honestly the best I can find for that “sexy badass” ideal for Jack.

I’ll probably be putting together a few more posters, maybe an animation or two, showing off Jack’s new textures. I’m pretty excited right now, because this is the first update I’ve had for her in months now - Stealth’s been busily chomping away, and I haven’t wanted to push him to throw out something that he’s not comfortable throwing out.

That being said, she still isn’t quite done. There are a few things Stealth still needs to finish up, and then I still have a few model-related things I want to throw out. 

As always, I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment.

Rebecca Chambers - Small Girl, Big Cannons!

Right. So this is the formal reveal of Rebecca I was talking about yesterday. It took me more or less all day today to get her to this state, on top of the work I had done yesterday. I am happy with the result, however.

And, in case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, yes, I have a bit of an obsession with Rebecca. She’s too damn cute for my own good.

As can be gathered, I decided to take Rebecca in a different direction from the last build.

The last Rebecca I built was very thin and stickly, and she was actually significantly under-proportioned. I had to scale down her waist and breasts quite a bit when putting her canon clothes onto her.

This Rebecca, on the other hand, is full and curvy. In fact, her ass is about as thick as Jill’s, her hips slightly wider than, and her cheeks overall much tighter. Similarly, her breasts are slightly smaller than Jill’s, but are much fuller, whereas Jill’s have a touch of sag to them - which of course was because I was going for a canon, realistic build with Jill, whereas I had no such intentions with this Rebecca build.

Rebecca is a little sex-bomb in a five-foot-three package, and is just the way I like them: short, cute, and voluptuous.

That’s what I’ve got for you guys today. I honestly don’t think I have much all to do with her still, beyond giving her the gauntlet of posing to find major issues. I am hoping to release her soon. But then, how many models have I pushed onto that plate in recent days?

At any rate, I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment.

Resident Ass

So I originally just made this as personal practice, but seeing as today has been an exceptionally unproductive day (and not for lack of trying; I can’t even recall how many projects I attempted and failed to complete for one reason or another today), it’s all I really have to post. As always, click for 1080p.


I was hoping for a greater reveal, but oh well. I built Rebecca a new, curvier body, as you can probably guess from the picture. The model’s name is “rebecca pornstar” for a reason - beyond the thick ass seen here, her breasts are also about the same size as Jill’s. As always, she is able to dress down to nude.

This poster marks the first time I have ever actually intentionally used and exploited the fish-eye of a low-diameter lens. In the early days (the days I try to forget), I used to use a low-diameter (17mm) lens that fish-eyed because I wasn’t aware that you could use higher-diameter lens. Ever since I first learned that fact, I have never used anything below 50mm, and traditionally use 85mm.

This was the first poster I made explicitly using 17mm, because I wanted the fish-eye to make their asses appear even bigger than they actually are. I feel I achieved the effect I wanted.

The model was actually one of the projects that gave me frustration, though. Namely, the clothes clip with the body underneath, but I can’t find an adequate solution to bodygrouping her clothes to avoid the clipping. If I do the traditional method of hot-swapping out clothes for bare parts, those ugly seams become evident and it’s just not appealing. I have a few alternatives in mind, but none of them are particularly ideal. I intend to explore them tomorrow.

So yeah. All I got for you. Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment.

Anonymous said: Is unzipped Ashley going to get released at this point?

Probably one day. Same with Moxxi. They both have minor fixes to be done - Ashley needs some minor rerigging, Moxxi needs her belt to not be rigged to her thighs.

When I’ll get around to doing that, though, is a different question. Model work is very much affected by diminishing returns, and the time I could spend fixing up those minor issues could be spent making massive strides in new model projects.

I have a tendency to prefer making the massive strides of progress. It’s a character flaw. One of many.

"Give Me More!"

Sometimes a girl just needs to relax. For some, that means a reading a nice book. For others, a day at the beach. For Elizabeth, it means taking two loads to the face from cocks so big she can’t wrap a single hand around them. And she means two - one just isn’t enough cum for her. Such a naughty girl.

So yeah. This was mostly an experiment of using particles in a loop (even if it shoe-horned a bit), as well as using more frames to add a bit of variety to the motion. Practice work, basically.

Being practice work isn’t excuse not to share it, though!

I haven’t had much time to do anything today. Moved into my apartment today, which was more or less an all-day endeavor. I put this together. That’s about it.